Don't judge by appearance: A rich heart may be under a poor coat' Meet the team behind the viral short film.

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A couple of days ago we did upload a short film with the title 'Don't judge by appearance: A rich heart may be under a poor coat'. It was the climax portion of a short film by the name 'A Beautiful Heart'. We are immensely happy that the short film reached many beautiful hearts that it got 20 Million views and nearly 4 Lakhs shares via our channel within a week on Facebook. Many even turned up to donate for the child, assuming that video shot was real. We with whole heart thank them for the kindness they have shown. 

About the short film, a group of young passionate film lovers from Iritty (A small village in Kerala) is behind it. Out of the passion for movies, the try to make a short film every year. This is the first work of their's that went viral around the globe.

A crew member of the short film, Ajith Punnad, tells " I, your loving friend, really want to take this opportunity to thank all you beautiful hearts who saw the short film, 'A beautiful heart' and gave a life to it again through those wonderful discussions and posts on Facebook. I feel extremely gratified to share with you all that about 2 crore people have viewed our short film through different Facebook pages, especially Filmelon and its social handles. And as far as we are concerned, this is truly the greatest award we could have ever wished for. Thank you for touching my life in ways you never know. I am overwhelmed"

Here is the crew behind A Beautiful Heart.

1) George Vargese (Director)
Another Indian youth among the many thousands who dream Cinema. Iritty native. 'A beautiful heart' is his very first project.

2) Ranji Payyoli (Cinematographer)
Camera man, a native of Payyoli, Kozhikkode, through his beautiful frames was successful in reflecting the essence of the film into the hearts of the viewers. His role in the success of the film is vital and undoubted. 

3) Master Vimin Punnad (Lead Actor)

He did not act his part in the film, but he lived it. His realistic acting skill has helped him create a niche in the hearts of every viewer who appreciated him and the work. This budding actor has won the best drama actor award in last year's Kerala Youth festival.

3) Ajith Punnad (Actor)

Played a short part in 'A beautiful heart'. Previously played a prominent role short film named 'Wallpaper' released in 2016. 

Friday, 24th of November, the crew is having an interactive session on Janam TV to share the success of 'A beautiful heart'. if you would like to listen to them, try not to miss it.

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