Zayn Malik recorded his first Bollywood song & is teaming up with A.R.Rahman!

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British Irish band One Direction‘s member,Zayn Malik recently revealed that he has finished recording his first Hindi song for an upcoming Bollywood movie and is really excited to see what the response is!

In the recent years, Zayn Malik has been one of the greatest names in the pop music scene due to his single ‘Pillowtalk‘ and also due to his major part as a member in one of the best boy bands, One Direction.

As reported by Business Recorder, Zayn has finally finished recording his first Hindi song for an upcoming Bollywood movie.

Zayn says:
It is one of the first songs I’ve sung in full Hindi, so it’s going to be cool to see what the response to that is.”

Zayn also discussed about his collaboration with Indian composer A.R. Rahman. He mentions that there’s a lot of Urdu, supported by nice Qawwali sounds. Also, there are chances to hear some bhangra (Punjabi) vibes.

He recently shared his father’s picture with Legendary Indian actor, Dilip Kumar on his Instagram. In a recent interview, he also revealed that he became a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan after meeting him recently and getting to know how humble he was.

Check out what Zayn’s father’s picture with Dilip Kumar:

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