15 best memorable sequences from Malayalam cinema

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Crafting a good sequence in films is a very difficult job. There might be many factors that would make a scene memorable. It might be the performance, it might be the dialogues, it might be the way the director has conceived the scene or it could be even the context of that scene in the film. Here we discuss such memorable scenes from Malayalam cinema which would remain in the minds of the people even in the times to come.

1. Dasaratham - The climax scene :

Dasasratham till now remains one of the best works of Siby Malayil and Mohanlal. Rajiv the character played by Mohalal is slightly eccentric who has got some mad ideas and interests. The best scene in the movie is the climax shot just before the credits roll. Here Rajiv asks Maggy(Sukumari) whether she could take care of him considering him as her son. Tears roll down Rajeev’s eye but he doesn’t forget to smile.

2. Chithram - ' Wish to live':

Chithram moves in the form of an entertainer till the arrival of Jail Superintendent played by M G Soman. One of the memorable scenes of the film is when Vishnu(Mohanlal) asks Jail Superintendent for mercy . That scene showed his renewed wish to live a life with Kalyani. Needless to say, performances of both the actors were excellent.

3. Innale - ' Accepting the fact':

The climax scene of ‘Innale’ is something special. This particular scene has in it one of the best acting moments of Suresh Gopi which really made this scene a memorable one. The sequence where he shakes his head acknowledging that Shobana is not his wife shows the actor in him. The background music was also splendid which took the scene to another level.

4. Manichithrathaazhu - 'Vidamaatte' sequence:

The role of Ganga/Nagavalli fetched Shobhana her first National Award. This scene from ‘Manichithrathaazhu’ is the most memorable one, the scene where she is found to be having a psychic disorder. Shobhana was spot on with her expressions and she was equally well supported by Suresh Gopi.

5. No: 20 Madras Mail - 'The legends together:

This scene is special for us for a reason that is known to each and every one of us. This scene features the stalwarts of Malayalam cinema Mammootty and Mohanlal and the sequence in which they come is even more interesting, Here we could see (Tony Kurishinkal) giving a kiss and taking photos with Mammootty who appears as himself in the movie. Truly a memorable scene showcasing the camaraderie between these two legends.

6. Commissioner - 'The interval punch':

The interval sequence of ‘Commisioner’ consists of one of the best realistic action sequences to have come in Malayalam cinema. If you see this sequence you could notice the naturality of the situation. This scene was particularly shot without any prior information given to the general public and the brilliance of the same can be notice. Above all, the fantastic dialogues written by Ranji Panikker when mouthed by Suresh Gopi, gave goose bumps to the viewers altogether.

7. The King - 'Sense,Sensibility and Sensitivity':

Joseph Alex is one of the iconic characters portrayed by Mammootty. It was such a powerful character and the film was a big success creating certain box office records. This scene from the film is the most memorable one where Joseph Alex talks about current crop of IAS officers. The spontaneous and powerful dialogue  delivery of Mammootty is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this scene.

8. Summer in Bethlahem - Niranjan's Introduction:

One scene in Summer in Bethlahem would remain in the minds of the people. It would be the brief sequence where Niranjan is getting introduced. The sequence features Mohanlal,SureshGopi and ManjuWarrier in it and each of them gives an impressive performance with Mohanlal leading the pack with his staunch dialogue delivery.

9. Big B - 'Bilal in Action:

Big B introduced the new and slick style of filmmaking to Malayalam cinema. A scene that would always remain in the minds of the people would be the below shown one. Here we have the punchline from Big B where he says ‘Kochi Pazhaya Kochi alla ennariyam’.

10. Kerala Café - 'Climax with the Bridge':


Kerala Café was an Anthology which consisted of 10 different films from 10 different directors. Among the films, ‘Bridge’ directed by Anwar Rasheed was the one that got high acclamation. Climax of Kerala café where we could see the old lady(from Bridge) sitting in the railway station holding a kitten(both abandoned) is a very moving sequence.

11. Usthad Hotel - 'The taste of Sulaimani':


Usthad Hotel is a movie which is a class apart. It is that kind of a movie which would transcend the generations to come and remain a quality work. This scene from this movie is a testimony to that. Here Faizi(Dulquar) and Usthad(Thilakan) talks about dreams and ‘Kismat’ while sipping a ‘Sulaimani’. They also talk about the essence of love. Undoubtedly it is one of the memorable scenes of the movie.

12. Ayalum Njanum Thammil - 'The repentance':

Writer duo Bobby and Sanjay has that ability to etch such scenes where the audiences too feel the pain of protagonist. In Ayalum Njanum Thammil there is a scene where Dr Ravi Tharakan(Prithviraj) goes to meet a child in her school so as to ask forgiveness without her knowledge. This scene where Dr Ravi touches the child’s feet after hearing her explain the events is truly emotional and moving.

13. Mumbai Police - 'The True Friendship':


What is meant by real friendship? Answer to this would be known from this scene where Aaryan(Jayasurya) talks about his friend Antony Mosses(Prithviraj). This is the scene where Mosses gets to know the mistake that he has done. The dialogues were well written and Rosshan Andrews was spot on bringing the moments on screen.

14. Drishyam- 'Mother of all twists':


No other movie in recent times in Malayalam would have offered this kind of a twist in the climax. It was least expected and a perfect ending for a thriller that didn’t leave any loopholes. The final reels of the film show Georgekutty coming out of a building which is supposed to be a police station under construction.We all know why this scene Is so special to that movie.

15. Munnariyippu - 'Hard hitting Climax':


 The climax sequence of Munnariyippu is one of the best in recent times. There was a drastic change in the mood of the film in the climax sequence. The tension was rising as the character played by Aparna Gopinath was reading what was written by C K Raghavan. And above all that, the smile of Mammootty was hard hitting one showing the required amount of eccentricity.This scene would leave you thinking about the real character of C K Raghavan.

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