Fiction Is The New Reality! Sci-Fi Movies That Would Potentially Be Our Future

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They predict the future. They put the germ of fantasies into our minds, for us to imagine and believe that it is uber cool in the future when we would cease to exist. But alas! We might not see it.
Sci-Fi movies are bound to make us despair at the ill-timing of our births.

Despair not. We have movies that have scientific content with huge possibility of coming true in the near future.

No we are not talking about Mad Max movies or Terminators.
Here is a list of movies that portrayed decent science that is almost developed currently, and posses a high potential of coming true in this lifetime.

1. Mr.India

This 1987 movie centers around a watch-like device that can make the wearer invisible when activated. This can be comparable to the Invisibility Cloak in Harry Potter series. The interesting fact is invisibility might not be a distant imagination anymore. There is work going on to create a material that can manipulate electromagnetic waves and make it bend around the object. That practically makes it invisible. So why was I talking about Mr.India? Because, if you remember the film, the invisible person can be made visible if a red light is shone on him. That does make sense, because if the electromagnetic waves are manipulated, it can be selectively designed to not work for the wavelength of Infra Red rays (read red light). Basically, that wavelength alone gets reflected, whereas the rest get diffracted. So, Mr.India got it a bit more accurate and specific into details as compared to any other invisibility imaginations.
Got me? Got me? Mogambo Khush Hua!

2. Minority Report

Steven Spielberg, like all his movies, created this amazing sci-fi action thriller movie giving us so many stuff to fantasize as possibilities in future. One of the main predictions of the movie that we saw becoming a reality is the gesture-based user interface. At the time the movie was made touch screens and motion sensors were at its infancy. Still the two-hand gesture Tom Cruise uses to interact with the wide screen does not seem to be completely off-base, and the pinch and zoom seems to be spot on. Spielberg had in fact consulted industrial designers to give a realistic touch for his on screen future.  

3. The Island

Year 2019. You live on an isolated compound and wait for the weekly lottery to enjoy a holiday in the only remaining contamination-free-island on earth. Only, you just don’t realize you are human clones bred to provide organs or surrogacy to your sponsors in the real outside world. That is pure horror.
Here is a movie, which god forbid, should never come true. But cloning is not an alien technology and though human cloning is yet to be legally approved, it might be a problem of not-so-distant future.

 4. Avatar

Ok, this movie has been over analyzed and theories had flowed back and forth. But there are two things that can be held very close to reality.
Earth will possibly get depleted of resources, and by then technology would have grown enough to make it a viable option for Earthlings to invade other planets and juice out its minerals.
Shift your focus onto something else. Scientists in the movie use genetically matched humans to control Na’vi bodies. It’s basically soul transfer that takes place, though they are shy to admit it. Don’t you think that it is eerily similar to the soul-transfer that’s described in ancient Indian scriptures? (Doesn't sanskrit word 'Avatar' itself give it away??)
We saw it in Malayalam movie Anandabhadram too. If it was possible for Rishis in yonder ages, won’t it be something that can be revived and practiced by future humans too?

5. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

This is one sweet story, that satisfy any normal romantic’s heart. But it carries one of the most debated technologies, yet to be developed, or technically, yet to be ethically approved.
The movie shows selective Memory Erasure, where a bitter break up leads the characters to erase off memories of each other. Currently study has developed options such as selective memory suppression, manipulating memory interpretation, and even neuron frying to forget certain unpleasant memories. Still in its nascent stage, we can definitely see this in our future.

6. Her

This is Artificial Intelligence, growing at exponential rate. Operating Systems in a futuristic time interacts with humans, befriends them and have the potential to be loving partners too. Like Theodore of the movie, many get romantically involved, and more importantly emotionally dependent on the OS es. Emotional quotient is something yet to be achieved in AI. But why else are computer geeks developing semantic technologies and data mining. OS es will soon learn and grow with emotions. Let’s wait out our time till super cool versions of Siri come up.

7. Clockstoppers

This movie takes quantum physics to another level. National Security Agency funds a technology that develops Hypertime- a time frame in which the user’s molecular growth speeds up to enormously high rate, up to a point where the rest of the world appears to be stand still. They manage to capture this time accelerator technology in a watch and so goes the story. But with theories emerging about the Twin paradox- which basically is decreased molecular growth rate when we travel farther from gravitational field, isn’t it right to imagine there is scope for the reverse as well?

8. I, Robot

This movie needs no introduction. NS-5 robots originally developed to serve humans, turn against their own creators. The rebelling robots are centrally controlled by an A.I Machine, but human scientist creates another robot with dreams and ethics that finally help in overthrowing the out of control A.I system. Too much above conception at this stage, but such interactive robots who can think and act alongside humans are not too far away. For better or for worse.

9. 7aam Arivu

Suriya plays Bodhi Dharman, an Indian immigrant to China who instituted the art of Shaolin. Centuries later in the modern world, Chinese intelligence is planning to wage a biological warfare against India, and a group of scientists believe that no one can save them other than the descendent of Bodhi Dharman.
The fundamental science discussed in the movie comes under the study of Genome Sequencing. Ongoing study enables us to root back our ancestry through the technology. The movie takes it to another level where selective activation of genes helps the hero to acquire the characteristics of his ancestor. It is possible. But will we actually see the results in our lifetime?  

Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Total Recall, The Star Trek Franchise have all predicted future and they have all come true. Even the Jetsons cartoon got most of the things right, like the flat screen TV, instant food delivery and so on.
May be it’s just a matter of time until we join hands with emotional robots and date OS es.

 Until then, who knows what the future holds!

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