Fleeting But Resonating : Indian Short Films You Ought Not Miss

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Short yet powerful. Just like an impulse, they sweep in and leave before you know it. Short films are the most powerful medium of communication.
The makers of these movies are extremely talented; enough to optimize and tell a story crisp, quick and clear and send across an imagery in a span of few minutes.

Here are some short films of Indian origin that you should sit up and take notice of.

1. Nilam

The movie with minimum dialogues is a very ‘short’ short film of around 4 minutes. Enacted by talented actress Sajitha Madathil, it helps raise voice for women friendly toilets in the public. As highlighted at beginning of the movie, it is based on an everyday issues faced by 'n' number of women. Subtle, yet powerful, the message communicated by the movie resonates in us, driving us to initiate a change.

2. Kelkunundo

Geethu Mohandas created this wonderful movie following a sweet four year old, who is visually impaired. Watching the movie, we quickly fall into the perspective of Hasna, and perceive the world just like her. The theme is urbanization and its impacts, but our focus tunes into Hasna’s small world, and we feel only the pangs that vibrate in her small world too.

3. Ahalya

This is a Bengali short film that retells the classic story of Mahabharatha character ‘Ahalya’. Radhika Apte plays the title role. Her beauty enchants people, and curious pursuers ends up trapped in wooden dolls. Ironically, an officer Indra crosses path with Ahalya, the young wife of an old man alleged to dabble in black magic. The old man uses his wife’s beauty to trap the young men who fall for her enchantment, and doom them to a life of captivity. This is one thriller film that should be watched.

4. Burn My Body

Burn My Body is a powerful movie against necrophilia. Though it is not a topic that is discussed enough, this movie valiantly brings it into light and sends across the message loud and clear, that women are not safe even after death. It is a coming of age movie that has definitely created a space of its own among highly acclaimed short films. The movie stars our very own Nadirshah and Aparna Nair.

5. Pannaiyarum Padminium

This is a Tamil comedy short film, which later got recreated into a full length movie of the same title. The story features a landlord and his car Premier Padmini. The car is the villager's favorite, and everyone depends on the landlord and his car. Even later, when a stunning car arrives at the village, the Padmini still holds a place in the Landlord's mind. Indeed Old is Gold.  

6. A Friday

The tension and stress that film-makers go through during the release days of their films is something we audience seldom know about. The movie captures the true feelings that an upcoming movie maker experiences and his elation on being accepted by the public for his good work. The short film is sure to change one’s perspective on movies. It urges us to see each movie as not a good or a bad film, but as the fruit of hard work and creativity of a group of passionate people. Surely after watching this eye-opener we will turn into empathetic film viewers.

7. Ramaniyechi Yude Namathil

Two friends engage in a drunken discussion about things around them and finally one of them criticizes the other pulling in a reference to his wife. Later when they look on at a snake trapped in a well, the guy vents out his vengeance on the friend by pushing him into the well. Trapped with the snake, he is faced with the worst fear. Watch this film that keeps you at the edge of your seat for the whole duration of ten minutes. 

8. Little Terrorist

This is an Oscar nominated short film that tells the story of Jamal who accidently crosses the border to India from Pakistan while chasing after a ball during a game of cricket. Jamal is sheltered briefly from the army by a local elderly man and his niece in an Indian village. To pass off as a Brahmin and avoid detection by the army, they shave off his hair and keep a traditional tuft. Later by the shade of night they help him cross back to the safety of his family. There develops a bond between the family and the boy, which transcends all borders and differences decreed by men on themselves.

9. Last Train

Karthik Subbaraj made this English language short film, about a guy who tries to escape from the troubles of life, rather than confronting them. He blames himself for being a failure. When he waits to take the final journey of his life (literally) a guy passingly tells him him that there is nothing called a 'last train' in life, and if you miss an opportunity or fail at one, there will always be another chance. This creates a huge impression on him and ultimately he decides to walk back into life.

10. Positive

This is a short film by Farhan Akhtar on the life of an HIV patient and his family. The father played by Boman Irani, was always aloof from the family. Later he is infected by HIV and gets hospitalized. Though his son despises him, the wife, Shabana Azmi urges the son to spend time with his ailing father. This creates a bond between them like never before.

11. The Angel

Alphonse Puthran canned this short film with power packed fighting sequences that is familiar to all of us now. The excellent duo of Vijay Sethupathi and Bobby Simha put up a cop vs con show that is really mind blowing. Made as a tribute to valiant officers that sacrifice their lives to fight crime, this is a mini movie you must watch. 

12. Kuttimaa

Krish is a modern guy and Kuttimaa is his grandmother, who can be easily one of the naughtiest adults alive. She is witty and her pranks drive Krish insane. He declares that he hates her, but when he comes back to meet her after a very long time, the vacation rekindles a bond between them. The short film was highly acclaimed, and as the director himself mentions, this movie portrays the lovely, almost Tom-and-Jerry relationship between Kuttimaa and her grandson.

Truly, small things come in wonderfully small packages. Many directors and debutant film-makers are trying their hand in short film making. 

This is a good time for us -the audience to catch up on some really good work out there.  

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