Friends Forever: Through The Reels and Into Real Lives Too.. Friendships Of Filmdom

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A good friend knows all your best stories.. A best friend has made them into movies with you. 

Not kidding.
In an industry like the filmdom where ’friendship’ is a highly overrated word, there still exists some unbreakable bonds that has stood the test of time.
Some are contemporaries who keep aside their competition and just hang around and have the best time of their life. Some pitch in over coffee and make some awesome movies we have ever seen.

Some of these friendships even defined cinema as we see it.
Here’s a list of best known buddies of filmdom, who really set friendship goals to the rest of us.

Sameer Thahir - Anwar Rasheed - Amal Neerad -Shyju Khalid - Aashiq Abu

Nearly two decades of camaraderie and brotherhood, these sought after directors of Malayalam film industry are alumni of Maharajas College, Ernakulam. Their friendship from the college days had transcended over the years and brought all of them together for the anthology movie 5 Sundarikal. Director Rajeev Ravi is also part of the brigade, and he did cinematography for one of the films that is part of 5 Sundarikal. All the directors are known to have worked with each other, wielding camera, or directing for each other, and to think that they have all dreamt together in the corridors and halls of the college makes a truly beautiful imagery.
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Alphonse Putharen - Vijay Sethupathi - Bobby Simha -   Rajesh Murugesan

They are the friends from Chennai Pattanam who dreamt cinema and ultimately made it big in their own way. Putharen and Murugesan did their film studies together and the others subsequently joined the company. All of them come and go in each other’s movies. Their collaboration can be seen in short films like Neram, The Angel and so on, which are highly acclaimed. This is one powerhouse friendship.
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Siddique - Lal

Perhaps one of the most celebrated duos, the films that they have made together had been phenomenal successes. They were spotted by Faazil during their performance together, and hence had worked together to make movies such as Ramji Rao Speaking, In Harihar Nagar, Godfather, Vietnam Colony and Kabooliwala. They had split and after a very long time they joined together for recent hit King Liar.
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Shah Rukh Khan - Farah Khan

Two powerhouses in their own streams, this actor-director duo has a friendship that has witnessed fights and testing times, and has got back together again, like all of us do with our own friends. They have worked together in innumerable films, and created hits like Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om before a bitter fight. Later they reconciled, and swore never to take their friendship for granted. And the result? Another major hit Happy New Year.
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Alphonse Putharen - Nivin Pauly - Jude Anthany Joseph - Shabareesh - Siju -KrishnaSankar -  Sharafudheen

Wait did we just list of the entire cast and crew of Premam? Well we are not to blame, the movie Premam was born of their friendship and fun they and together in the city Alwaye. The extended friendship spans over twelve years. Almost all the supporting cast of Premam forms part of their Alwaye-team, the places and incidents from their younger days. The movie is almost like a memoir of their days and lives in the city. People who grew up in the city will find the movie a treasure trove of memories.
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Mohanlal - Suresh Kumar - Priyadarshan

You have an actor, producer and director. What else do you need? This friendship that started from college days, still continues. Their collaboration in films started with Poochakoru Mookuthi, and they have all been together often in most of their films. Their friends circle includes others as well, like singer MG Sreekumar, producers Sanal Kumar and actors Mukesh, Jagadeesh, Maniyanpilla Raju and Ashok Kumar.

Rohit Shetty - Ajay Devgn

They have clocked almost 25 years of friendship, and this is definitely a great thing in such a fickle place like film industry. They have worked together for hits like Golmaal series, Bol Bachchan, Singham and so on, and have also co-produced many movies. They have grown closer so much, they consider each other family. With Rohit Shetty calling Ajay his elder brother, this friendship is supposedly the most strongest in Bollywood.

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Geethu Mohandas - Manju Warrier -  Samyuktha Varma 

Their friendship came naturally through collaborations in movies. Geethu is an actor-turned-director now, Manju has made a comeback and Samyuktha is on her long break. All of them get is known to get together often and are seen together in all social occasions. Now here’s a friendship that is not spoiled by unnecessary competitions. This girl-gang also consists of others like Poornima Indrajith, Sweta Menon and Bhavana.
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Balaji Mohan - Karthik Subbaraj - Nalan Kumarasamy - Alphonse Putharen

 All of them from different walks of life, with one single motto- to realize their dream, Cinema.
These friends had often hung out at Arun Tea Centre at Nungambakkam, sipping masala chai and discussing their single passion for movies. They all have one more thing in common- all of them realized their dreams through short films at first and then moved into mainstream movies gradually. And all of them have become the big names in the industry now. Here’s to their friendship and never say die attitude.
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Arjun Kapoor- Ranveer Singh

They are the kings of Bromancing. The antics they do when they get together can be topped by none.
We have seen this duo in movies like Gunday, and we hear news of them getting together again for another movie. Their chemistry is simply magical, and they do not hide their boundless love for each other. From witty comebacks, to perfect bro-jokes, this pair is too good to be true.
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Vineeth Sreenivasan-Aju Varghese

Their friendship started from their Engineering College days. Aju Varghese aspired to be a film director and was all set to assist Vineeth in their debut Malarvadi Arts Club. But Vineeth insisted that Aju take up one of the lead roles, and yes we got this great actor. Aju has been part of almost all Vineeth movies, and the friendship between the duo and actor Nivin Pauly is very well known. Aju still dreams to be a director, and assisted Vineeth in Jacobinte Swargarajyam, also appearing as a cameo. Aju agrees that he shares a strong off-screen bond with Vineeth and considers him as Aju's best judge. 
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