Hullabaloo In The Theatres: Overrated Movies Mollywood Witnessed

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There are some days when we spend our bucks and time in front of the screen and wondering what was all the hype about. Many-a-times raging reviews and advertisements have built up your hopes, only to be shattered. Any average movie goer would turn skeptical before he ventures out to theaters the next time. 

No industry is devoid of overrated movies. Not even our own Mollywood.
Here is a list of much hyped Malayalam movies, that seemed overrated to one-too-many audience.

Ennum Epozhum

Two veteran actors of Malayalam industry came to act together in this movie after a gap of seventeen long years. When Mohanlal and Manju Warrier decide to do a movie together, people tend to forgive the lack of weight to the script, or any other technical faults the movie has. This is exactly what happened in Ennum Epozhum. The cast was strong, but the presentation of the movie was bland. The heroine, who is otherwise strong, becomes weak when faced with her personal miseries. A seemingly annoying paparazzi turns out to be the only one who sympathizes with the plight of a single mother. The story is saved from a clichéd ending, but there is no strong indication as to what holds for the pair in the future. The cast gave a huge mileage to the movie, but if they are taken out of the equation, the movie would fail.

King Liar

King of unattainable feats, the protagonist is played by Dileep, who is a trickster conveniently surrounded by gullible characters. The movie is meant to be an entertainer, but a ‘thinking viewer’ is strictly off limits. Coming from an unrelated background, and with no proper degree to flaunt, he manages to even solve a great Marketing and Management problem, which hikes the sales of the company to unrealistic levels. He plots to destroy the company, but first he lifts it up, then there is a whole sticky mess of relationships and ultimately the only solution is for the characters to realize their mistakes and reconcile. And they all do just that. The movie was a success, but it precariously floated only on the cast and the glitz of the movie.


The movie had been garnering hype sometime around another MohanLal flick Loham made it to the silverscreen. The plot of the movie was based on the recession period and lives of affected Malayalee families in Middle East. Comparing it to other highly successful movies based on recession in Middle East, and with MohanLal in the helm, the hopes were high on this one. What’s more, the audience had a say in picking the younger co-star Anoop Menon. As soon as the movie hit the theatres there was only one verdict – rejection. It failed to impress the audience. The shades of human emotions- love, angst, and vengeance all seemed to be portrayed in a silly manner. All the hype had actually worked against the movie’s success.


The movie was the highest grosser of 2012. It was a comic movie, with no element of reality and lots of vulgarity that added spice to the film. Needless to say there is no proper plot for Mayamohini. Dileep comes as Mohan who dresses up as Mayamohini, in a twisted plan to avenge his father. The movie is generously sprinkled with too much nonsense, no offense to anyone who enjoyed the movie.


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Mili is an introvert who knows her weaknesses, but never confronts them. She is a character liked by none, and very few try to help her. It takes a soft-skill trainer Naveen and his sister to bring her up in life and help her create her own identity. The plot is good, but generally not executed well. The focus is solely on Mili and her problems, only discussing her side of the story. We never get to the point of sympathizing with her, and even towards the end, her happiness and achievements just does not reach the audience in full force.

Amar Akbar Anthony

This movie stars Prithviraj, Indrajith and Jayasurya as three friends who do odd jobs to make money in order to realize their only dream of going to Pattaya. They all love the same girl Jeni. All the fun and play in the movie suddenly stops with a rather serious issue of pedophilia. He lads who were not even reliable till then become guardian angels of the community, and the sudden transformation is nothing short of absurd. The message is strong, but the presentation is languid.



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Iyobinte Pusthakam

Here is a movie that was successful at the box office, collected many state awards and received rave reviews from critics. The cast is strong, and many actors have broken away from their stereotypes. Yet we experience blankness amidst the scenes in the movie, and many sequences do not have the fullness that such an epic drama requires. Compared to the pedestal the movie has been placed at, one tends to wonder about so many areas the movie can improve.

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Life of Josutty

The movie garnered positive reviews, but was never a raging hit like other Dileep movies. Nor does it give us any food for thought. The movie projects the character Josutty who seems like an awkward and mocking presentation of a typical village boy.
The plot is good, but the movie seems to have a lot of silent pauses and gaps. And the presence of a Good and Bad guardian angels puts off even the last remaining enthusiastic viewer.

Hype has helped some movies, for some the hype proved detrimental.
Mostly they help the movies survive the box office, but really make us question the credibility of the hype.

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