Mystical Tunes of Mohenjo Daro – You Will Love These Songs Like No Other

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India is waiting for August, and yes it is for the release of the epic drama film Mohenjo Daro by Ashutosh Gowarikar. It is a love story, set in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro in the year 2016 BC.

The audio of the movie has been released and it has taken the netizens by a storm.
The songs are mystical and have magic woven into it by the legend A.R.Rahman. The poetic lyrics have been written by Javed Akhtar and the soundtrack was released on July 6th under T-Series.

There are eight songs in the album, and each of them competing to reign the charts.
Listen and let yourself drown in the music.

1. Mohenjo Mohenjo
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Arjit SinghBela Shende, Sanah Moidutty

Mohenjo-daro was an ancient city of splendor and power. For a movie centered on life at Mohenjo-daro, there cannot be another apt title track as this.
Just like A.R. Rahman’s masterpieces, this song has many intricate tunes and tracks woven together into one single song. It plays with all our senses and we feel overwhelmed at the richness of the track. This is necessary since the song vividly describes the grandeur of the city, and A.R.Rahman has cleverly delivered just that.
There is a raw power to it, and our heart automatically syncs with the beats and rhythm of it.
Mohenjo-daro was an advanced city established in around 2500 BC. When we listen to the lyrics, it tells us of the festivities and the colorful days in the city. Time has stood witness to it. It’s said that people come in and get lost among the wonders of the city. Merchants, peasants, foreigners, travelers and locals lived in harmony, and everyone has just one thing to speak about- the grandeur of the ancient city. Mohenjo-daro beckons all to witness and bask in its magic.

2. Sindhu Ma
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Sanah Moidutty, Megh Shah

When you close your eyes to listen to the song, great white valleys and picturesque mountains in the background will flash through your mind. And the song cuts through you like a clear blue Sindhu river flowing among the valleys. Sindhu is the greatest river that sustained the city of Mohenj-daro, and no movie based on the city can move forward without a tribute to her. The song incorporates another hit track in the same movie- Tu Hai.
The scores have an echoing effect that gives us the feeling of large open valleys and takes us closer to nature. The rendition has a magical flow to it, almost like a tumbling and gushing mighty river.The thought that has gone into making of the song is marvelous.The music has love, unity and a nascent quality to it.
The song describes Sindhu to be the jeweled necklace on Earth. And this song is the jewel of the movie.

3. Sarsariya
Singers: Shashwat Singh, Shashaa Tirupati

In this song there are some refreshing beats and audio treats that we have never heard before. And the best thing about it is that it gets progressively added into the track. There is a gradual growth in the song and then it unfurls into its full bloom. But it never becomes overbearing. It keeps a pleasant balance of the tunes and is truly a treat for our ears.
There is an exotic beauty to the song, and it takes us across the ages to a time and land totally unfamiliar. The beats are foreign and there are elements in the song that make us realize that this song is not from our times. It’s definitely a tune from the unknown.

4. Tu Hai
Singers: A. R. Rahman, Sanah Moidutty


A scintillating love song, Tu Hai captures grace and beauty like no other song. The visuals are truly complementing the feel of the music.
There is a tinkling magic in the song and the lyrics just fall on us like soft rain. Amidst the graceful strains, the loud blast of the horns remind us of festivities, royal courts and palatial corridors where the song is actually visualized.

5. Whispers of the Mind
Singers: Arjun Chandy

The tune has an endearing quality. It makes one delve deeper and deeper into the depths of the song. The song reminds you of a lush green forest. There is soft, wet foliage, rivers, trees, and birds. There is a pristine beauty in the song that is akin to a splendid jungle.

6. Whispers of the Heart
Singers: Arjun Chandy

This song, similar to Whispers of the Mind, gives us a feeling of oneness with the nature. Not a serene one, but a grand jungle, teeming with life and activity. There is a raw power that rattles our heart, and so aptly named. The chirp of insects and flowing river blows off our senses.

7. The Shimmer of Sindhu
Singers: Keba Jeremiah, Kareem Kamalakar

This score incorporates the tunes of all the other songs in the movie. It’s instrumental and has a serene quality to it. It lulls and calms us, like a gently flowing river. Like all other songs in the movie, this song is brimming with a shimmering sense of joy and beauty.

8. Lakh Lakh Thora
Singers: Tapas Roy, Pmk Naveen Kumar

For all those who could not get enough of the explosion of tunes in Sarsariya, this track is for you. It is an instrumental version of Sarsariya, but with more audio tricks and treats.

The exotic feel of the songs just does not end with the tracks, it seems. It stays with us, ringing in our ears, playing with our minds and completely over powering our senses.

There are only two types of A.R.Rahman songs. One which makes you fall in love with it all of a sudden and the other that makes you fall for it slowly and deeply. Either way his songs will never leave the top tunes in your play list.

And with the audio release of Mohenjo Daro, it is guaranteed that these songs will fill up your top favorite list, and stay there forever.

Get a copy of these songs for yourself today, because surely, you will want to hear them again and again.

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