V For Villain: When Villains Had The Last Laugh In Indian Cinema

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You may hate them. You may fear them all you want.
And maybe you hope, believing hard enough that only good prevails, will ultimately put them down.

But here’s this. Villains win too. They might be the last one standing, maybe they would go down, but not without the rest of the world. In any case they have the last laugh.

Here’s a compilation of Indian movies that took the bold move to show us, that just because one is the hero doesn’t mean he wins by default. The villains have their movies too.

Amy in Shaitan

Kalki Koechlin plays the perfect antagonist. She is a borderline psychotic whose condition is aggravated by use of cocaine. Initially she starts out as the life of the party with her gang of friends. As the story progresses, she turns out to be vile and highly manipulative. Half of her friends get killed and the rest convicted due to her mad schemes. She uses her psychosis to guard against harm for herself.
The movie in itself is a bit stretched out, but Kalki’s performance is stellar as usual and no one else can replace her in the industry.

Christopher in 7th Day

A group of friends gets badly mixed up in a counterfeit currency transaction. An IPS officer David Abraham goes out of the way to help them, and with a sense of relief they trust on him wholly.  
He is more than an ideal officer, and offers the perfect plan for the friends to escape the mess unscathed. Except, David Abraham is in fact Christopher Moriarty, the alias for the kingpin of the whole con. The unsuspecting friends are connived into helping David alias Christopher to retrieve his money.

Langda in Omkara

Omi and his sidekicks Langda and Kesu are political goons. When Omi rises higher in political hierarchy, Kesu gains importance over Langda. This infuriates Langda and he double crosses Omi and Kesu. He uses Omi’s wife Dolly to create a rift between literally everyone, which ultimately leads to Dolly’s death at the hands of Omi. Kesu is shot, Omi commits suicide and Langda is killed at the hands of his own wife for his deeds. Though Langda dies he is the one who wins at the end, as he got his revenge.

Vinayak and Prithvi in Mankatha

Vinayak is a suspended cop who leads a wayward life after he is booked on a case for helping a smuggler escape. Another tough cop, Prithvi is all set to crack down an IPL betting scam. Vinayak senses money and using his connections and skills gets into the middle of the whole business. Prithvi and Vinayak finally meet and engage in a fight, and an explosion puts an end to it all. Only later when a truly honest cop investigates further the truth is revealed! Prithvi and Vinayak are indeed buddies, who worked together both from inside and outside the police force to exhort all that they can from the IPL scam and escape with their fortune.

Don in Don

This famous movie needs no explanation. It is a story of cons and conmen deceiving others. The original Don released in 1987 had very less complications. DCP D’Silva is the conman Vardhan in disguise. He hatches the master plan to end Don’s reign using lookalike Vijay. But the 2006 version of Don is much more mind blowing. Don tricks the police to believe that he was the unsuspecting youth Vijay, and at the end kills off Vijay and escapes the police posing as him. Only the audience are left with the realization about the whole master con of Don.


Raju in Loham

It is easy for anyone to get lost among the plot and twists in Ranjith’s mammoth crime story Loham. Mohanlal plays Raju who along with his team sets out on the trail of a gold smuggling case. They track down each person in the scam, literally bullies the truth out of them. Finally they recover the gold, but the police detains them on grounds of suspicion. Raju reveals he is Rajeev Sathyamoorthy from Mumbai who is on a special assignment by RAW. But in the end Raju and his team were in fact the real smugglers, who gets away with the con and all the gold.

Annamalai in Naan Avanillai

This is a remake of old hits in Tamil and Marathi. The movie had Jeevan play Annamalai who goes under the guise of youths with different names and backgrounds to cheat women and abscond with their wealth. With lack of evidence he walks free, and the police is too late in finding his true identity as Joseph Fernandez. Though in a moment of panic he gives away about his true identity, Annamalai escapes and is seen enticing other women on foreign lands.



Mr.A in Dhoom 2

The tech savvy Mr.A is the perfect thief who pulls off high end heists all over the globe to etch his initials on the map. Inspector Jai Dixit and Officer Ali try to track down the conman, and employs Sunehri, and ex-con-woman to lure Mr.A into their bait. But Sunehri and Mr.A a.k.a Aryan fall for each other, and when Aryan is caught Sunehri shoots at Aryan to help him escape. When the movie winds up, Aryan and Sunehri is seen running their restaurant in Fiji, but Jai shows up again. This time he agrees to leave them be, if they hand over the stolen properties and never return to a conman’s life. The perfect villain hence walks away smoothly.

Who says the Hero wins all the time. Nope, it doesn’t always work that way.
The Villains lose a lot but sometimes even they get their chance to taste revenge, victory or a smooth escape. 

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