Hackers Hacked Despacito And Removed It From YouTube!

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On Tuesday morning dozens of YouTube videos had their names changed and the most viewed video on YouTube, Despacito, has been deleted in an apparent hack.
A number of huge names in music have been affected by this hack including Drake, Calvin Harris, Shakira, Iggy Azalea, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Chris Brown.

It would appear that it was the music channel Vevo that was compromised. Vevo is the platform that most music videos are released on.

The videos that were compromised often had tens of millions of views and had their names changed to something along the lines of: "hacked by kuroi'sh & Prosox Ninja and Drake has been killed by Prosox on fortnite 100 k/d".

There were also reference to 'free Palestine' on other hacked videos.

A Twitter account that apparently belongs to one of the hackers posted: "It's just for fun, I just use [the] script 'youtube-change-title-video' and I write 'hacked'."

"Don't judge me I love YouTube," it added.

‘Despacito’ was released in January 2017 and went on to garner huge success, with the Spanish-language hit breaking several records including the single with the most weeks at No.1 in the US, after sitting pretty on the top spot for 16 consecutive weeks.

It also went on to become the most-streamed song in the world after garnering a staggering 4.6 billion plays.

As well as the success of the Spanish-language version, a remix featuring Justin Bieber’s vocals also went on to achieve huge success.

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