Ek Koshish - This Inspiring Short Film Is Something Every Woman Needs To Watch

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Be it a 5 year old girl, adolescent girl, a married woman or an aged woman. A female of every age group is under a constant threat and compelled to live in tremendous pressure and horrifying fear. She may live in a remote village, rural area or even a metro city which may be considered safe comparatively. Be it a stranger in public transport like a bus, cab or metro; or even a security guard of the residential complex; everyone may be perceived as a potential threat. None are really safe and encounter eve-teasing, lewd gestures, grabbing, groping and eventually rape, sometimes in the most inhuman manner possible.

It is estimated that every 22 minutes a rape case gets registered with the police in India. The ever-rising rape cases suggest that with these wild monsters on the loose; have neither any fear of the law nor any respect for women. Lust makes them fail to realize the fact that they are born out of the womb of a woman. Hence there is practically no hope that the atrocious and perverted mentality of these beasts may change ever. Changing this unfortunate situation doesn’t seem realistic; hence the only logical solution in sight is a definite change in approach and mind-set of the women-folk. Replace fear with fortitude. Stare in the eyes with grit instead of being intimidated. Show determination by self-defense or being bold enough to report to the cops. Send a strong signal indicating that women may not be considered the weaker sex to silently bear any such atrocity which devastates her pride and self confidence.

Unknown Fear is every girl's dilemma!! This is a story of a young girl who comes to the city to make a career but she is in constant fear for her safety. But one day it all changes. All she needs to do is Ek Koshish. This Hindi film subtitled in English is produced by The Visual House and stars Sugandha BangarEk Koshish is an attempt to encourage and motivate women to stop from giving up and bowing down and face the situation with confidence, grit and determination. This one attempt may save a woman’s pride or may be her life too. In these times, it is imperative for a woman to stand up for herself rather than expect help. 

Starring: Sugandha Bangar

Director: Deepmala

Supporting Cast: Tarun Dang, Hemraj Chalukya, Subhas Chandra, Drishti Sehgal, Anurag Pandey

Director of Photography: Amit Dua

Casting Director: Sachin Joshi

Associate Director: Kadir Rana

Assistant Director: Devender Bhatt, Gursimran Jassal

Editor: Sudhanshu Saini, Rakesh Sharma

Narrator: Geetika

Sound Recordist: Phul Dev

Lights: True Lights

Producer: The Visual House

Executive Producer: Rajesh Sharma

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