Facts You Don't Know About Legendary Actor Jayan

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There was a time when most of the lead actors in Malayalam film industry were reluctant to do action sequences which paved the way for more and more stunt artistes to enter the vast arena of film world. Though most of the stars including Sathyan, Prem Nazir, Madhu, Soman and many others did their best to make such action sequences better, they never dared to attempt risky shots. It was then a good looking, smart and stout guy entered Malayalam film industry. He was Jayan and what happened next was history. Though he started off his career with minor roles, he became one of the prominent stars in later years.


With his never ending passion for acting, especially in stunt sequences, he conquered the hearts of Keralites. Unlike other actors he didn’t concentrate on usual family melodrama and romance. Rather he exploited his masculine physique. During his reign in Mollywood, he did a variety of roles that were noticed for its manly essence. Along with popular actors including Soman and Sukumaran, Jayan has enacted numerous characters and most of them created new box-office records. Unfortunately, the legend let us all in a helicopter crash during the shooting of ‘Kolilakkam’- his last film.


The climax portion of the film was being filmed in Chennai. As usual he did the action sequence without using a dupe and boarded a helicopter from a motorbike. The director accepted the shot, but the actor was not happy with that and insisted to take more. During the re-take, helicopter lost its balance and crashed to the ground along with Jayan, leading to his death. 

It was on a November 16th when he left the audience depressed. The news of his death stunned the hard core lovers of the Malayalam Cinema. Thirty five long years have gone and it is now time to remember the legendary actor. We present ten interesting facts about Jayan.

1.  Jayan was born at Kollam, on the 25th of July in 1939.

2.  Though we all know him as Jayan, his original name is Krishnan Nair.

3.  Jayan had worked for Indian Navy for 16 years. He left Navy to try his luck in Cinema.

4.  Another legendary actor Jose Prakash was the one who presented him the name “Jayan.”

5.  Jayan’s first movie is "Postmane Kanmanilla." Though the film was released in1972, he was identified as Jayan from the film "Shapa Moksham" in 1974.

6.  His zodiac sign was Leo.

7.  He began his acting career in the age of 33 after completing his service in Indian Navy.

8.  His film career spanned for 8 years.

9.  He has acted in over 120 films within the short span of eight years.

10.  He maintained his bachelorship till his death at the age of 41.

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