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The average Indian movie is incomplete without the presence of vehicles. Be it the hero’s intro in suave luxury cars or super bikes, the police in jeeps, kidnappers in Omnis, villains in Sumos, Rohit Shetty's inclination to blow up cars for fun, certain vehicles have become part of a clichéd cinematic identity that is hard to forgo. From road movies to action to even comedy, we have had movies of several genre, in which vehicles left an indelible mark. Here’s my sneak peak into vehicles and cinema in the Indian  scenario.

Amidst the mayhem of heavy supercars and bikes, not many movies have given importance to the bicycle. However one that did was the 1992 released Aamir Khan starrer, ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’.
A marathon cycle race scene in the climax was the highlight of this movie. In the town of Dehradun, Sanju’s (Aamir Khan) brother Ratan is a regular in the town’s intercollege cycling championship. The goose bump inducing climax sequence is not just another race for Sanju who takes over the pedals to win the race for his brother Ratan and seek revenge on Shekhar, Ratan’s enemy on the track.

“ The road has answers to everything and nothing clears your mind like a bike ride”.

Epitomising this thought, Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, touted as Mollywood’s first out and out road movie, romanticised the ‘Made Like A Gun, Goes Like A Bullet’ Royal Enfield. NPCB is the story of Kasi’s (Dulquar Salman) soul searching journey to find his love, inspired by actor-traveller Charley Boorman’s series of books on his around the world trips. Kasi and his friend Suni (Sunny Wayne) embark on a road trip across states from Kerala to Nagaland. The movie was shot in some of the exotically beautiful locations in India. NPCB also had scenes shot in the North East which shows around 100’s of Bullet owners riding together in a rally, presumably during the North East Rider Mania. In Kerala, NPCB ignited a fad for the Bullet and long rides among the travel loving youngsters. In fact, as part of the promotions, a bike rally was organised on the sidelines of the audio release of the movie at Kochi, with a group of 130 Royal Enfield Bullets led by the lead actor Dulquar Salman taking to the road.

Later,  Dulquar did an encore on the bike in Anjali Menon’s 'Bangalore Days', as Arjun, a banned professional Yamaha bike racer and mechanic. In a climax, quite resembling the earlier mentioned ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’ , Arjun  fights against odds to win his first race after the ban. This brilliantly shot climax bike race sequence,that were performed by DQ himself, earned a lot of appreciation.

The Dhoom series of movies showcased several hi-tech motorbikes. The movie Dhoom was the first movie of this series released in 2004 starring Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Uday Chopra. The bikes used in the film are the Suzuki Hayabusa (1300cc), the Suzuki GSX-R600 (600cc) and the Suzuki Bandit S (1200cc)Later, Dhoom 2 starring Hrithik Roshan used GSX-R 1000, Suzuki Bandit 1200 S and Suzuki GSR 600. Among these three, Hrithik appeared with  GSX-R 1000, Uday with the same Bandit showed in Dhoom and Abhishek with GSR 600. In the recently released third instalment of the series starring Aamir Khan, the Dhoom team updated their bike from Hayabusha to BMW K 1300R. The BMW bike was chosen for Aamir while,this time Uday changed his bike with a red and white toned BMW S 1000 RR

Years before all this, we saw Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) and Veeru (Dharmendra) of the iconic hit ‘Sholay’,speeding away through dusty and rugged roads, singing ‘Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge’ on what inconclusively looks like a 1942 model BSA WA 500cc bike with a side car, though many argue that it was a Royal Enfield . Rumour has it that this song sequence that was filmed around the outskirts of Bengaluru, including the famous Big Banyan tree, took a whopping 21 days to shoot.

Ferrari,the foreign luxury sports car, made a title entry in Indian movies,through Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ‘Ferrari Ki Sawari’ starring Sharman Joshi, which is a far-fetched tale of a loving father Rustam who whisks away a Ferrari without consent, from the garage of none other than the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, hoping to make a fortune to help his cricket loving son Kayo’s dream to play cricket at the Lord’s much like the Master Blaster.

A roofless Mercedes Benz 300 SL, featured prominently in Farhan Akthar's 'Dil Chahta Hai' , especially in
 the title track in which the three male leads, Akash (Aamir Khan), Sameer (Saif Ali  Khan) and Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna) are seen taking turns to ride the Benz on a road trip to Goa. 

In the very recently well acclaimed Tamil comedy drama film Pannaiyarum Padminiyum, starring Vijay Sethupathy revolved around an old man’s obsessive love for his vintage car.The car in question is a pista green coloured classic FIAT PAL Premier Padmini, left in custody of the old landlord Pannaiyar (Jayaprakash), by his friend Shanmugam. 

In both Thaha's Dileep starrer comedy, 'Ee Parakkum Thalika' and Sathyan Anthikkad 's Mohanlal's social satire 'Varavelpu' , the comically poorly conditioned bus and the trials and tribulations of a bus owner were the central plot. 


The Fatal Helicopter Shot
The lasting image of  yesteryear actor Jayan,who was highly regarded and celebrated as Malayalam cinema’s first action hero, is this climax scene of ‘Kolilakkam’ in which he was supposed to catch hold of the bottom side of this helicopter from a moving motor bike. Jayan who always stressed on perfection and doing stunt scenes without a dupe, insisted on yet another take for this dangerous shot after the shot was okayed twice, one which turned out to be once too many and fatal.


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