11 Years Of Naran: The Story Of The Man Who Won The Hearts Of People!

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It was 11 years back, on September 3rd, that a character named Mullankolli Velayudhan swam across a flooded river to our hearts. The film Naran, directed by Joshiy, introduced to us this very special character.


Yes, today is the 11th year of release of the film Naran. A film, which despite of being in the lines of normal cinema, won the hearts of a large number of people and thereby getting a cult status.

Cut To Onam 2005

The Onam season of 2005 was all set to witness a star war. All the major stars of Mollywood had some big films to offer and all eyes were on Mammootty’s Nerariyan CBI, which was the fourth instalment in the CBI series.

Apart from that, Dileep’s Chanthupottu was also in the race to win the hearts of the audiences. Naran, to be frank, was low on expectations, as it came after Mohanlal’s film Chandrolsavam, which despite of being a good film, couldn’t fetch a box office success.


But, Naran had a different story to tell. From Day 1, the film fetched amazingly positive reviews and it was hard to stop the film. The film cruised at the box office and became one of the biggest hits of that year.

The Mohanlal Factor

Complete actor Mohanlal was the life and soul of movie. We can’t imagine anyone else in the shoes of Velayudhan. He has put in his best to make the character convincing. The dedication of the actor has to be applauded as he acted in most of the scenes without the help of any dupes.

For an instance, there is a scene in the film, in which he swims across the river, amidst the heavy rains. The film was shot in real locations in Hogenakal and the rains were lashing heavily. Mohanlal did come forward to shoot the scenes, without any fear.

The Year 2005 – A Special One For Mohanlal

In fact, the year of 2005 was indeed a very special one for the actor in Mohanlal. After a series of setbacks, he got a much needed hit with the film Udayananu Thaaram, directed by Rosshan Andrrews. It was in the same year that Naran got released, which again was a big success. Later, in December 2005, his film Thanmathra, directed by Blessy got released, which was a class apart. The film fetched the actor many awards and also was a big box office success. In fact, his other release of the year was Chandrolsavam, which again fetched good reviews but was not a big box office success.

Comeback Of The Hero With A Twirled Moustache

Naran, came in at a time when mass hero characters of Mohanlal were not being well received by the audiences. Such characters were written off by the audiences. But Naran, did have something different to tell.

Mullankoli Velayudhan wasn’t a typical mass hero with over the top heroism. The characterisation of Mullankolli Velayudhan did stand close to reality without adding any indigestible masalas. The background of the story was also firm enough to provide a much needed difference to the audiences of Kerala.

Origin Of The Name

The film got the name Naran after some interestings twist and turns. Earlier, the same title was registered for a Mohanlal film, which was supposed to be the debut directorial venture of writer-actor Renji Panicker. Mohanlal was supposed to do the role of a police officer in that film. But, the project had to be dropped mid-way and later the same title was used for this 2005 film

The Joshiy Touch


We definitely can’t think about any film-maker other than Joshiy, who could have pulled off this project with ease. His selection of shots and packaging of the product, gave an all new look to the film, making Naran, distinct from other movies of those times.

Fresh Tunes By Deepak Dev


Music director Deepak Dev did play a big part in the success of the movie. The theme song of Naran, sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan was a big hit back then, giving an adrenaline rush to its listeners. Also the song Velayudha Haro Hara.. sung by M G Sreekumar, was a big highlight of the movie, with Mohanlal performing at his entertaining best.

The climax sequences

What made Naran special is its script written by Ranjan Pramod, which remained close to reality. Despite of being an action entertainer, there weren’t any over the top sequences. For an instance, take the case of climax sequences of the film, the way Mullankolli Velayudhan surrenders to the police is something unique, which we have not seen in films from the past.


hat particular scene was well-structured by the writer and the director, giving a special feel to the film. Add to it the scintillating performance of Mohanlal, that particular scene became a memorable one for the viewers.

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