8 Music Directors Who Made A Guest Appearance In Mollywood..!!

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If there is something that transcends boundaries and cultures and remain the same, then we could call it Music. Yes, music has no language, it doesn’t have any region either. It is something which could be enjoyed by each and every one of us.

This article is about Music or in other words, this is about those people who derive this music into beautiful tunes. We call them as Music Directors. Malayalam Film industry is definitely blessed with multi-talented Music directors. At the same time, the industry has witnessed musicians like Ilayaraja, who is from another language, coming and ruling the place with some magical tunes.

But, there have been Music Directors from other languages, who have worked in just a single Malayalam movie. Maybe, we could call it as a Guest appearance. Here, we are going to list 9 such Music directors from other industries, who have just worked for a single Malayalam movie so far.

1. A R Rahman:


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Well, this list can’t begin in a better fashion than this. The whole world knows what magic A R Rahman could do with his tunes. But much before the whole world knew, or in fact much before the whole of India did know, Malayalam industry explored him through the film ‘Yodha’. This film directed by Sangeeth Sivan had music by A R Rahman. All the songs of the film were super hits, be it the pumping ‘Padakali..’ or the lovely ‘Kunu Kune’.

2. Uttam Singh

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Indian music lovers best know Uttam Singh through his melodious work in ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’. He has worked for a Malayalam film. Any guesses?? Yes, the film is ‘Prem Poojari’ directed by Hariharan and released in the year 1999. The film had a music based theme and the composer had lot to offer. Uttam Singh did do spectacular job, as most of the songs of this film went on to become big hits.

3. James Vasanthan

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The song ‘Kangal Irandal’ of Subramanyapuram was a sensation at the time of its release. It became a huge hit, the song crossed boundaries and established its identity in each place. The man behind that song, James Vasanthan has worked for a Malayalam film. Subramaniapuram was his first work and he debuted in Malayalam through Mammootty starrer ‘Doubles’. The music of the film didn’t get noticed much. The expectations that all music lovers had on James Vasanthan were much higher.

4. Debojyoti Mishra

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The film Kolkata News did require a Bengali composer who could do complete justice to the songs of the film. Hence, Blessy selected Debojyoti Mishra as the music director of the film. Debojyoti Mishra is a renowned Bengali composer who has worked with Rituparno Ghosh in films like Raincoat and Choker Bali. He did a fantastic job in this Malayalm film too and who could forget the song ‘Engo Ninnum Vanna Panchavarana Kili’? Beautiful song indeed.

5. Lakshmikanth Pyarelal


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When we catch up with old Bollywood films, most of the times we could see their names on screen, corresponding to the Music credits. Yes, they were once the undeniable Kings of Bollywood and the real music maestros who had number of films in their kitty. They have composed for record number of films, which would be hard one to break for any present music directors. They have composed for one Malayalam film and the film’s name is Poonilamazha which released in the year 1997. People may be unfamiliar with the film’s name but for sure they wouldn’t forget the song ‘Aattuthottilil’ which was a huge hit back then. Even though the film was not a huge hit, the songs of the film went on to become big hits.

6. Anand Raj Anand


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Anand Raj Anand was once a busy composer in Bollywood films. He is still active in Bollywood and he has provided music for good number of Bollywood films. Anand Raj Anand made a brief appearance in Mollywood too which was a kind of a Guest appearance. Violin, directed by Sibi Malayalam and released in the year 2011 had a couple of songs set to tune by Anand Raj Anand. ‘Ente Mohangal ellam’, which is a song made in a typical Bollywood style was setup by Anand Raj Anand. The song went on to become a huge hit.

7. Zakir Hussain


                                                             Image Courtesy : drummerworld.com

Ustad Zakir hussain, the tabla maestro, has worked for a good number of albums but has not been so keen about working in films. But, he didn’t want to miss out the opportunity that he got to work for ‘Vaanaprastham’ directed by Shaji N Karun. He did a splendid job in composing music for the film.

8. Vishal Bharadwaj


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Vishal Bharadwaj started of his career as a Music director before switching to scriptwriting and direction. In the initial days of his career, he got the chance to work for a prestigious Malayalam movie. The film was ‘Daya’ which was the directorial debut of renowned cinematographer Venu and a film which had script by none other than M T Vasudevan Nair. Vishal Bharadwaj was the perfect choice to provide music for this film which was set in an unknown period.

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