Analysis! Why Quality Films Like Guppy Failed At The Box Office!

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Malayalam film industry circuits might be busy talking about the upcoming box office war, between Mammootty starrer Thoppil Joppan and Mohanlal starrer Pulimurugan. But, there is one movie that has caught the attention of the entire social media circuits.

Yes, we are talking about the film Guppy, directed by debutante Johnpaul George. Many a times, while watching a film on DVDs or Television channels, we might have felt like why this movie couldn't make it big in the theatres. Guppy falls in to such league of films.

Malayalam films like Guppy, Jalam and the most recently released Olappeeppi, did win great reviews. Despite of that, these small movies couldn't make it big in the theatres. All these films are superior to many other hit films as far as quality is concerned, but still they had to face a backlash at the box office. What are the reasons? Read on..

Big Releases Affect Small Movies

Guppy, the film released on August 5, 2016. The movie was expected to hit the theatres on July 29, 2016, but due to some technical issues, the makers had to postpone the releasing date.

The film did face some stiff competitions from other films that released along with it. Mohanlal starrer Vismayam, Midhun Manuel Thomas's Ann Mariya Kalippilanu were the big releases of that week. Guppy, being a small movie in comparisons, was unable to garner the initial attention.

Good word of mouth did started pouring in for the film, but some big releases were also in the line-up for August 12, 2016. Movies like Pretham, IDI and Marubhoomiyile Aana took up the major chunk of theatres.

Similar is the case of other small movies that get released along with bigger ones. Their space to perform is comparatively lesser.

Lack Of Proper Marketing

Marketing does play an important role in the success of a movie. Especially, when the movie under consideration doesn't have any big star to project.

Take the case of Guppy. The makers did release an impressive trailer of the film but didn't follow it up with release of songs or new posters. This might have adversely affected the long run of the film. Heavy marketing was required since the movie had to face competitions from some big movies.

Pre-Release Hype

The pre-release buzz that a movie receives is the positive product of the marketing techniques. A good pre-publicity would definitely do initial wonders for a movie. Probably, films like Guppy didn't have that much needed pre-release buzz.

The Mind-set Of Audiences

We accuse film-makers for following a particular trend. But, what we don't understand is the fact that the audiences are responsible for certain trends that prevail in films.

At present, feel good movies sell like hot cakes. Anything, which has been labelled under the tag of feel-good with some humorous elements have good takers.

Films like Guppy, Lens etc. Are much superior in terms of quality and content. But, audiences are unwilling to watch it from theatres and wait for the DVD's to get released to praise such movies.

Is The Lack Of Big Names In Movies A Concern?

Guppy, definitely didn't have big stars to project. The film definitely had young sensation Tovino Thomas in an important role but the main lead role was handled by Master Chethan.

Now, the big question is, whether the presence of big stars and names is necessary for a film to gain attention? Even when we say that what matters is the quality of the film, box office failure of quality films like Guppy, might make us rethink about the statement.

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