Half Way Down 2016: 15 Must Watch Indian Films Released In The Year So Far

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The first half of 2016 is coming to an end. The year so far has been a fruitful one for Indian cinema industry as a whole bunch of variety films made it to the theaters. Film makers have shown their willingness to experiment with movies and the industry and the audiences have shown full support to that move. It is a tough task to pick the best among the good number of films released this year so far, but from the many in the kitty, here we present the 15 must watch Indian films released this year so far. 

1. Aligarh (Hindi)


Manoj Bajpai could be seen in top form in the role of a Professor who has been removed from his job owing to allegation on sexual orientations. The film based on a real life incident is filled with some brilliant performances from the lead actors.

2. Nil Battey Sannatta (Hindi)


Nil Battey Sannatta is an eye-opener in many aspects. The film narrated the story of a young mother and her child. Spreading some good positive energy with a good message that urges you to chase your dreams, Nil Battey Sannatta stands proudly on this list.

3. Waiting (Hindi)

The film which was completed in 2015 made it to theaters in 2016. Starring Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koelchein in the lead roles, the film is about the journey of two strangers who have something in common. Waiting won high critical acclaim and is definitely one of the best films released this year so far.

4. Airlift (Hindi)


When we think that Bollywood films are just about mass masala stuffs, there comes films like Airlift which take you to the other side of Bollywood. A genuine film devoid of any type of cliches found in usual Bollywood films.

5. Udta Punjab (Hindi)


The film which released amidst a myriad of controversies did stand high with the quality content that the film had to deliver. Udta Punjab has a clear cut message to tell, which has been packaged in a perfect manner by director Abhishek Chaubey.

6. Visaranai (Tamil)


The film directed by Vettrimaaran has yet again raised the standards of Tamil cinema. Visaranai is a hard hitting tale which would push you to look deep in to the buried truths. Again, a film that would come out with you even after leaving the theaters.

7. Iraivi (Tamil)


Iraivi is a different tale that would leave you thinking. Staying away from normal cliches and the worn out commercial formulas, Iraivi is one such film that grows on you as time passes. Strictly a must watch for all genuine serious movie lovers.

8. Maheshinte Prathikaram (Malayalam)

Maheshinte Prathikaram came with a surprise to Malayalam movie lovers. The film had all that innate qualities to be called as a classic. Filled with loads of genuine humor and natural characters , Maheshinte Prathikaram is definitely one of the finest movies released in the recent times.

9. Action Hero Biju (Malayalam)


Action hero Biju was a revelation in various spects. The film did break the general notion about police stories and Abrid Shine and team decided to take the realistic path. If you are fan of  realistic movies, you definitely have to watch this film.

10. Kammatipaadam (Malayalam)


Kammatipaadam is a hard-hitting tale which stayed true to the genre and the story-line as a whole. With a bunch of terrific performances, Rajeev Ravi gave a quality product which would definitely transcend the times to come and remain with the same stature.

11. Ozhivudivasathe Kali (Malayalam)

The film which went on to win the Kerala State Film award For the Best Film in the year 2015 made it to the theaters in 2016. Directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, the film deals with many serious issues in the most simplest manner. Must watch by all means.

12. Lens (Malayalam/English)

This film directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is one of the best thrillers released in recent times. The film made on a low budget has high quality content that would leave the viewers spellbound. Must watch.

13. Godhi Banna Saadharana Mykattu (Kannada)


The film which released recently has went on to garner wide appreciations. The film narrates the story of a father who is an Alzheimer's patient and his son who is busy with his career prospects. The film stars Ananth Nag and Rakshith shetty in the lead roles.

14. Thithi (Kannada)

Thithi is definitely shows the changing face of Kannada cinema. The film which garnered wide appreciations from various festival circuits did hit the theaters recently. Thithi also did win the National film award for the Best Kannada Film of the year 2016.

15. Sairat (Marathi)


Here is a Marathi film that created waves  around the country. The film has went on mint in crores of rupees at the box-office. The film directed by Nagraj Manjule has went on to become the first Marathi film to enter the 100 crore club.

Special mention to films like U-Turn (Kannada), Neerja (Hindi), Thozha (Tamil), Irudhi Suttru (Tamil), which almost made it to  the list.

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