Kammatipaadam Uncut Version: Reasons Why The Wait Would Be Fruitful!

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Not many movies have that content and quality to leave you wanting for more. But, Kammatipaadam, which hit the theatres in May, this year, had impressed the audiences so much. And that is a definite reason why most of us are eagerly waiting for the 4 hour long uncut version of the film.

The makers of Kammatipaadam announced that the uncut version of the film would be out soon. They are planning to release it during the month of September. There are also certain reports that a re-release of the film is also on the cards.

For us viewers, there are many reasons to wait for the uncut version. Rajeev Ravi had to trim down the theatrical version of the film owing to time constraints but still he managed to make the film absolutely perfect. Now, probably, the uncut version would give answers or a clear picture about certain things, which the director had left for us to think about

How Rosamma Turned Out To be a Big Wig Of the City

Rosamma, the character played by Amalda Liz, hailed from a poor family. She has been portrayed as a bold lady in the film and that one scene in which she confronts Balan’s mother is more than enough to prove that. But, after Balan’s death, she turns out to be a big wig of the city. But how? Probably, the uncut version of the film, would give an answer for that.

Reason Behind Ganga and Rosamma Spat?

Ganga and Rosamma are shown as not to be in good terms in the film. Even when Ganga comes to meet Rosamma for the final time, the former doesn’t utter a single word. What is the reason behind their spat? Was Rosamma the reason behind Balan’s death? Or was it Ganga who hatched the trap to kill Balan? 

Jail Episodes Of Krishnan

The theatrical version of the film had only a single jail sequence. But, there are certain unseen stills of the film, in which we could see Krishnan reading a letter, while in jail. So, we hope that there are much more interesting jail sequences in the film, which would be shown in the uncut version.

Krishnan – Anitha Love Story

The love story of Krishnan and Anitha might be explained in detail in the longer version of the film. Especially, there are some childhood sequences which were removed from the theatrical version.

Ganga in Jail?

There are few unseen stills of the film in which Ganga could be seen in jail uniform. Why and when was Ganga arrested? The 4 hour version would give an answer to that.

Sunny Wayne Episode

It is known to many that Sunny Wayne has featured in couple of scenes in the film. There were also reports that the actor would be seen in the role of a police officer in the film. Those scenes had to be trimmed down owing to the running length of the film. The full 4 hour long version of Kammatipaadam, is expected to feature the scenes involving Sunny Wayne.

Role Of Inspector In Krishnan’s Life

When Krishnan gets back to Kochi, after a long gap, he goes to the police station, where he confronts an inspector. From the body languages of both the characters, it is quite evident that they have known each other quite well and is not just a mere acquaintance. We hope the 4 hour version would have more sequences featuring the inspector.

What Krishnan’s Sister Has To Say

The role of Krishnan’s sister has been done by actress Muthumani. She was seen only in a couple of scenes in the theatrical version of the film. But, it seems like the character has something more to offer than what we have seen in the theatre.

Krishnan’s Bombay Episode

Krishnan’s life in Bombay was shortened to few scenes in the theatrical version. In fact, there are reasons to believe that the director had shot a few more scenes to depict Krishnan’s life in Bombay. Especially, his relation with the character played by Rasika Duggal would be given a clarity in the uncut version of the film.

Karate Biju

Soubin Shahir did stun us all with his performance as Karate Biju, in the film. It was indeed a brilliant makeover by the actor. Did Karate Biju come back to take revenge on Kammatipaadam boys again? We really don’t know but we genuinely do hope that the uncut version of the film would have few more sequences of Soubin Shahir. We simply can’t wait to see the actor in action.

Sumesh’s Episode

Sumesh, the character played by Suraj Venjaramoodu in the film, has lot of mysteries revolving around him. There isn’t a clear picture about the shades of the character. But, finally, it has been shown that he was cheated by his business partners. Who cheated him? Did Surendran Ashan and Johny team up to throw away Sumesh? We will have to wait for the anwers.

More Of Rajeev Ravi's Brilliance

Here is a scene, which shows the brilliance of the film-maker in Rajeev Ravi. After getting stabbed, Krishnan travels in a bus, to his past. In the frame, we could see Anitha, Ganga's father, Balan chettan and other people from Kammatipaadam, along with him. The 4 hour long version of the film, hopefully would have many such symbolic scenes to offer.

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