Kammatipaadam: Will the film be the first genuine gangster flick in Malayalam?

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Kammatipaadam, the movie name is trending in Mollywood circuits right now. There isn’t any point of doubt, as of why this movie is getting such a big hype. Two names are quite enough for this film to gain popularity than any other films released in recent times. The names Rajeev Ravi and Dulquer Salmaan have the ability to pull the entire attention of the cinegoers

Is Kammatipaadam a gangster movie?

Malayalam cinema isn’t that well versed with gangster movies. We have had only a few of gangster movies, which remained loyal to the genre. Many pseudo films came in with the backing of this genre but fizzled entirely at the box-office.

Nothing much has been revealed about the genre of the film. But, the posters, the teaser and the recently released trailer indicate the film to be having traces of gangster element.

According to the makers, Kammatipaadam is the story of a guy named Krishnan(Dulquer Salmaan) and the film takes you through 3 different stages of his life. The movie also focuses on the transformations that Kochi has had in the past 30 years.

The Rajeev Ravi factor

What do you expect from a Rajeev Ravi film? The person who gave us Annayum Rassolum and Njaan Steve Lopez is sure to give us another classic, with a story from a different terrain to narrate. Whatever be the storyline or the genre is, the director is sure to give a gritty and natural feel to the movie, something which he has mastered in. The film has script by renowned actor-writer P Balachandran, and this combination is definitely a high point.

The three getups of Dulquer Salmaan

The character of Krishnan is one of the most challenging roles that Dulquer Salmaan has got. The film traverses the life of Krishnan, who was born and brought up in Kammatipaadam, a street in Kochi.

The film would take us through three stages of Krishnan’s life. Importantly, the actor would be seen in three different getups. The getup with him donning a thick moustache has already gone viral and the actor is expected to nail in with a thunderous performance.

The actor has been careful in selecting movies nowadays and with each movie we could see him growing as a powerful actor. He has made it a point to come out of the comfort zones to explore the actor in him, something which helps to emerge the best among young actors. It is quite evident from the trailers and stills that we are going to see a different Dulquer Salmaan in Kammatipaadam

Why Kammatipaadam reminds us of Gangs Of Wasseypur?

Gangs of Wasseypur is one of the best gangster movies released in recent times. Interestingly, Rajeev Ravi had cranked the camera for this Anurag Kashyaap film. Gangs of Wasseypur had a revenge tone and told the story of brutal gang wars that existed in a place called Wasseypur in North India.

Anurag Kashyap movies do have a tone that makes us experience a different wave hidden in films. Rajeev Ravi, coming from the same school, is sure to offer something unique to Malayalam cinema through Kammatipaadam. He did stun us with two different films in the form of Annayum Rasoolum and Njaan Steve Lopez.


Those who have seen Njaan Steve Lopez would know how well the director handled the gangster part in the movie. It was real and there wasn't a single moment of exaggeration involved. More importantly, Rajeev Ravi is sure to give us an experience that would stand on its own, even though we are making comparisons.

From the trailer of Kammatipaadam, it is evident that the film has all the elements to excite the lovers of realistic movies. Kammatipaadam, is the name of a place behind Ernakulam Bus stand. With time, the place did undergo many changes and Kochi city grew to heights leaving back just the traces of the past.

Kammatipaadam focuses on this shift, giving due importance to friendship. Gangan played by Vinayakan and the lead character Krishnan are close friends and the film is said to be about their long lasting friendship too.

Even though unsure about the revenge element in the film, we definitely can expect a realistic gangster movie in the lines of Gangs Of Wasseypur. Kammatipaadam has a host of new actors and a line-up of extraordinary experienced actors who are capable of bringing in the same amount of intensity that a realistic gangster flick is required.

The supporting cast of the film

Here is another factor that reminds us of movies like Gangs Of Wasseypur. Gangs Of Wasseypur did bring in host of new supporting actors who delivered some thunderous performances. From the trailer of Kammatipaadam, it is evident that some newcomers are making début in Malayalam film and they seem to be apt selections.

Moreover, the film has a huge star cast comprising of actors like Vinayakan, Vinay Fort, Shine Tom Chacko, Soubin Shahir, Suraj Venjaramoodu, P Balachandran etc. Vinayakan is said to be playing a very important role and we definitely can expect a solid performance from the actor.


Above said things are just form trailer of the show. Kammatipaadam will get to the theatres on May 20th. Hopefully, the film would definitely bring in something special for Malayalam film audiences. Watch it from theatres.

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