Kismath And Guppy: Two Small Films With Great Potential Set To Grace The Theatres!

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The year so far has been a good one for Malayalam cinema with some exceptional works making it to the theatre. Filmmakers have come forward willing to experiment with themes and have shown the intent to come out of the comfort zone by working with new and not so established faces.

The best part is in the fact that the audiences have also given the nod for such new changes that are happening in the film industry. The good hype and the expectations over two upcoming releases, Kismath and Guppy, proves that fact.

Kismath – Based On True Events

The film was in the making for the past 1 year. There wasn’t much hype and hoolah over the project but it was then that Lal Jose stepped in to the project by taking up the film for distribution. With the backing of a big banner like LJ films, the film gained the necessary momentum.


Kismath marks the directorial debut of Shanavaas Baavakutty. The film is based on certain true events that happened in the Ponnaani region in the Malappuram district of Kerala. The film narrates the love story between two characters played by Shane Nigam and Shruthi Menon respectively.

The Fascinating Trailer

The trailer of the film Kismath caught the attention of the filmgoers as it had some real moments in it. For all those who were fascinated by the intense portrayal of love in the film Annayum Rasoolum, would surely have their expectations bestowed on Kismath.

The trailer definitely gives a hint of what is in the store. The situation, the dialogues and the performances look real and that definitely is a big plus for the movie. When filmmakers made a mockery of real slang of Malappuram and Ponnaani region, making changes according to their own whims and fancies, Kismath comes with the original slang used in Ponnaani region and thus staying close to the reality.

Shane Nigam and Shruthi Menon

Many of you might not have forgotten the young menacing brother of Anna in the film Annayum Rasoolum. Shane Nigam, who portrayed that role is making his debut as a lead actor in Kismath. From the trailers, it seems like the young actor has put in some exceptional performance in the film. His expressive eyes and dialogue delivery look top class. He did grab the attention of the viewers when he made a brief appearance in Rajeev Ravi’s Kammatipaadam. Shane Nigam is the son of veteran mimicry artist Abi.

For Shruthi Menon, Kismath is a kind of a second outing in Malayalam cinema. Her first stint in films was not a big success and after a gap the actress is back and she couldn’t have asked for a better re-launch.

Apart from Shane and Shruthi, the film features Vinay Forrt, Alencier Ley, Sunil Sukhada etc. in prominent roles. The film has got a big backing from Rajeev Ravi as Kismath has been produced under the banner of Collective Phase One, which has Rajeev Ravi among one of the producers.

Guppy – Small Yet Hopeful

Much wasn’t talked about Guppy, until the trailer of the film released. It definitely took the viewers by surprise offering a new kind of experience to the viewers. Be it the locations, the frames or the colour tone used, the trailer was mighty impressive leaving a mark in the minds of the audiences.

Guppy is the directorial debut of young filmmaker John Paul George. Here, once again we could see the guts of a filmmaker to make his debut with a film, which handles a children based subject.

The film is about a child named Guppy played by Chethan Sharma, who owns a living by selling fishes for aquarium. The story revolves around this character and Tovino Thomas would appear as an engineer who comes in to the city for the purpose of the construction of a bridge.

Amazing Frames

Actually, some scintillating frames set by cinematographer Gireesh Gangadharan have caught the attention of the filmgoers. It looks fresh and colourful and it definitely would be a treat for the viewers.

Tovino Thomas – Hero Or Villain?

The trailer of the film has the character played by Dilesh Pothen asking this question to the character played by Tovino Thomas. Well, we have to wait till the movie releases to find out the answer but for the time being, we could just say that the expressions and the performance of Tovino was spot on in that sequence, leaving the viewers anxious to know more about the character played by Tovino Thomas in the film.


Guppy has also an amazing list of actors with the likes of Sreenivasan, Dilesh Pothen, Rohini etc. playing prominent roles in the film. Sreenivasan would be seen in a different get up in the film and his presence definitely adds a lot of credibility to the project.

Kismath and Guppy are two films, which seemingly has the potential to break the conventions of Malayalam cinema. Let us wait till the release of the film.

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