Mammootty vs Mohanlal: The Epic Box-Office Clashes And Their Results!

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If all goes well, the month of October would witness a big clash at the box-office. The Big M's of Mollywood are all set to release their big films during the upcoming Pooja season. Mohanlal's Puli Murugan is set to release on October 7, 2016. Mammootty's Thoppil Joppan is also gearing up for its release and the film might hit the theatres on the very same day.

If this happens, it would be for the first time after a gap of 15 years that Mammootty's and Mohanlal's movies are releasing on the same date. Previous such instance occurred in the year 2001 when Rakshasa Rajavu and Raavanprabhu clashed at the box office.

We take you for a journey to the past and to take a look at the instances when Mammootty and Mohanlal movies had a major clash at the box office.  Only movies post 1990 have been considered.

1. Kilukkam v/s Anaswaram

Kilukkam, directed by Priyadarshan had Mohanlal and Jagathy in the lead role. The film was pitted against Mammootty starrer Anaswaram, directed by Jomon. Both the film released on August 15, 1991.

Result: Well, no surprises for guessing. Kilukkam won great reviews and made it big at the box-office. Anaswaram was declared a flop.

2. Yodha v/s Pappayude Swantham Appoos

Yodha was filled with adventure, action and comedy whereas Pappayude Swantham Appoos was a perfect family drama, high on emotional factor. Both the films did clash at the box-office during the Onam season of 1992.

Result: Pappayude Swantham Appoos did have a fantastic run at the box-office. Yodha, surprisingly was only a moderate success at the box-office.

3. Valsalyam v/s Devasuram

Two quality movies of the Big M's released at the same time. Valsalyam and Devasuram were the big releases of the Vishu season of 1993. Both the films did win the hearts of the audiences

Result: Both the films did have a good run at the box-office and thus emerging out to be big hits of the year 1993. But, Devasuram had the upper hand and was ahead of Valsalyam in total collections.

4. Manichithrathazhu v/s Golantharavartha

Nothing much has to be said about Manichithrathazhu. The film has etched a place of own in the history of Malayalam cinema. Mammootty starrer Golanthara Vartha was released along with Manichithrathazhu during the Christmas season of 1993.

Result: Manichithrathazhu won the race easily fetching gold at the box office. Golantharavartha, despite of being a good movie, didn't have a memorable run at the box office.

5. Thacholi Varghese Chekavar v/s Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary

There was a big box office clash in the year 1995. Mohanlal played the role of an expert in kalari payattu in Thacholi Varghese Chekavar and Mammootty played an advocate Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary.

Result: Much was expected from the films, but both failed deliver. Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary was better in comparisons and was declared a moderate success.

6. Hitler v/s Kalapani

Hitler and Kalapani were the big releases of Vishu season of the year 1996. Both the films got released on the same date and it was an epic box office clash of the two Big M's of Mollywood

Result: Both the films garnered grand reviews. But, it was the film Hitler that won the race at the box office.

7. Kanmadam v/s Oru Maravathoor Kanavu

Kanmadam and Maravathoor Kanavu were the big releases of the Vishu season 0f 1998. Oru Maravathoor Kanavu marked the directorial debut of Lal Jose.

Result: Kanmadam had a strong start at the box office and had a good initial collection. But Oru Maravathoor Kanavu outscored Kanmadam in total box office collections. Both the films were declared as hits.

8. Rakshasarajavu v/s Raavanaprabhu

Both were big movie and both the films did fall into the category of mass entertainers. Rakshasarajavu had Mammootty in the role of a police officer whereas Raavanaprabhu had Mohanlal as the evergreen character Mangalassery Neelakandan. Both the films got released on August 31, 2001

Result: Raavanaprabhu won the race hands down as the film emerged out be a big blockbuster. Rakshasarajavu was declared as a hit.

9. Kilichundan Mambazham v/s Chronic Bachelor

This was an epic battle at the box office. Both the films did have some big names associated with them. Kilichundan Mambazham did have the super hit combo of Priyadarshan and Mohanlal and Chronic Bachelor had the names of Siddique and Mammootty associated with it. Both the film did have a face-off at the box-office during the Vishu season of 2003.

Result: Chronic Bachelor became a big hit at the box-office and marked the comeback of sorts of Mammootty after a series of flops. Kilichundan Mambazham received poor reviews and couldn't do any magic at the box-office.

10. Nerariyan CBI v/s Naran

Both the films had to clash at the box-office during the Onam season of 2006. Naran was sort of a comeback of Mohanlal to a mass hero role after a brief break. Nerariyan CBI was the fourth instalment of the CBI series starring Mammootty.

Result: This came as a surprise. Nerariyan CBI was expected to beat Naran at the box office but in an interesting turn, Naran went on to become the biggest hit of the season. Nerariyan CBI was declared a hit as well.

11. Kazhcha v/s Naaturajavu

Kaazhcha marked the debut of Blessy and the film had Mammootty at his best. Naaturajavu was yet another family action entertainer from the Shaji Kailas-Mohanlal team.  Both the films had a face-off during the Onam season of the year 2004.


Naaturajavu did have a fantastic opening at the box-office but in the long run, it was Kazhcha which emerged to be the big hit of the season.

12. Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam v/s Mahasamudram

The Onam season of 2006 was a forgettable one for both the Big M's. Mahasamudram and Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam were the releases of the superstars, during that season.

Result: Both the films went down to be big disappointments. It was Lal Jose's Classmates that won the race during that season.

13. Photographer v/s Pothen Vava

Photographer was an offbeat film, directed by Ranjan Pramod. Mohanlal play dual roles in the film. On the other hand, Pothen Vava marked the reunion of Joshiy and Mammootty, after a brief break, the former released on October 24, 2006 whereas the latter got released on October 21, 2006.

Result: Photographer disappointed audiences at the time of its release and didn’t have a good run at the box office. Pothen Vava also disappointed but turned out to be an average success.

14. Hallo v/s Mission 90 Days

Hallo and Mission 90 Days were released within a gap of 1 week in the year 2007. Hallo was the first to hit the theatres during the first week of July. Mission 90 Days released on July 12, 2007.

Result: Hallo was on the lines of perfect comedy entertainer and the film went on to become a huge hit. Mission 90 Days, on the other hand despite getting good reviews failed at the box-office.

15. Chotta Mumbai v/s Big B

Chotta Mumbai and Big B, did have a face-off during the Vishu season of the year 2007. Chotta Mumbai was the second directorial venture of Anwar Rasheed whereas Big B marked the directorial debut of Amal Neerad.

Result: Big B received good word of mouth and fetched decent collections. But, it was Chotta Mumbai that won the race during that season.

16. Annan Thambi v/s Innathe Chintha Vishayam

Both these films were the major releases of Vishu season of 2008. Innathe Chinthavishayam directed by Sathyan Anthikkad was a family entertainer whereas Annan Thambi directed by Anwar Rasheed was a mass entertainer with Mammootty in a double role.

Result: Annan Thambi went on to become a big hit at the box office beating the collections of Innathe Chinthavishayam

17. Parunthu v/s Madambi

Parunthu and Madambi did have striking similarities, even in the characterisation of the lead characters. Madambi did hit the theatres first and won great reviews. Both the films hit the theatres during the month of July in 2008.

Result: Madambi had a glorious run at the box-office with the film emerging as a big hit. Parunthu, failed to meet the expectations and went down to become a flop.

18. Pazhassi Raja v/s Angel John

Pazhassi Raja was one of the most awaited films of all time and Angel John did have Mohanlal in an important role. Both the films did release within a gap of 1 week in the year 2009.

Result: No prizes for guessing. Pazhassi Raja won the race hands down and did have a magnanimous run at the box-office. Angel John was declared a flop.

19. Pranchiyettan And The Saint  v/s Shikkar

Both the films were the Ramzan releases of the year 2010. Mohanlal starrer Shikkar was the first one to hit the theatres on September 9, 2010. One day later Mammootty;s Pranchiyettan & The Saint made it to the theatres. 

Result: The season belonged to Pranchiyettan & The Saint as the movie won glorious reviews and raced ahead at the box office. Shikkar, too was declared as a hit.

20. Best Actor v/s Kandahar

Best Actor and Kandahar were the big releases of Mammootty and Mohanlal respectively during the Christmas season of the year 2010.

Result: Kandahar was high on expectations but turned out to be a big disappointment. On the other hand, Mammootty's Best Actor turned out to be a huge hit.

21. Peruchazhi v/s Rajadhi Raja

Peruchazhi and Rajadhiraja were the big releases of Mohanlal and Mammootty respectively during the Onam season of 2014. Both the films were on the lines of mass entertainers.

Result: Both the films didn't garner good reviews but did mint good collections at the box-office.

22. Utopiayile Rajavu v/s Loham

These films had a clash at the box-office during the Onam season of 2015. Both the films did have some big names associated with them and expectations were sky high.

Result: Both the films were disappointments as far as quality factor was concerned. Loham did get a fantastic opening but couldn't sustain at the box-office. Utopiayile Rajavu had a poor run at the box-office

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