The Most Awaited Combos: 12 Actor-Director Combinations That Audiences Are Waiting For !!

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Malayalam film industry is blessed with plentiful of actors and filmmakers. We have enjoyed many of the actor-director combinations like Mohanlal - Sathyan Anthikkad, Mammootty - I V Sasi, Suresh Gopi - Shaji Kailas, Nivin Pauly - Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dulquer Salmaan - Martin Prakkat and many other such pairs to name.

But, there are few such actors and directors who have not worked together so far. Today, we are going to look at some actor-director combinations that we can’t wait to see working together.

Dileep – Nadirshah

When Nadirshah decided to don the director’s hat, most of us would have thought that Dileep would be the one and only choice to do the lead role. But, the director opted for a youth entertainer in the form of Amar Akbar Anthany. Now, having established himself as a director, we are eagerly waiting for a Nadirshah movie, which would have Dileep in the lead role. Let us wait for the Dhe Maveli Kombathu team to appear on the big screen.

Amal Neerad – Suresh Gopi

Wouldn’t this be a flamboyant combination? Think about a stylish action entertainer with Suresh Gopi in full form. A well written role that suits the age of the actor would built the foundation for a film from this combination. Add to it the stylish making of Amal Neerad, we would get a movie which would suit the styles of this generation. A riveting action film, which would bring back the vintage Suresh Gopi, back to his best.

Mohanlal – Shyamaprasad

Mohanlal hasn’t worked with Shyamaprasad yet. The director is well-known for crafting movies with a difference and at the same time, all of the characters in his movies have had tremendous scope of performance and it has been some time since Mohanlal did such kind of roles. If Mohanlal and Shyamaprasad join hands for a movie, it would be a definite treat for Malayalam film audiences.

Mammootty – Jeethu Joseph

We have been waiting for a movie from this combination for so long. In fact, Drishyam and Memories, both were initially planned with Mammootty in the lead role. Jeethu Joseph is the undisputed king of suspense thrillers and an investigative thriller with Mammootty in the lead role would be an apt start to this combination’s debut. We are hoping that they both would unite soon for an upcoming project.

Prithviraj – Rajeev Ravi

We all know about the brilliance of Prithviraj in handling author backed roles. Think about a Rajeev Ravi movie with the actor in the lead role. Something in the lines of the films like Kammatipaadam and Annayum Rasoolum. In fact, it is sure that Prithviraj would give a striking performance in Rajeev Ravi style of films. We are sure to get a treat if this actor and director work together for a film.

Mammootty – Rosshan Andrrews

Rosshan Andrrews being one of the craftiest filmmakers of this generation would make it a great combination with Mammootty. The directors is capable of making movies of any genre and he has proved that over and again. We definitely feel that the combination of Mammootty and Rosshan Andrrews would prove to be simply perfect.

Mohanlal – Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to watch Mohanlal in an Adoor Gopalakrishnan movie. We have seen the actor going to different levels, when he has been offered out-of-the-box roles like that in films like Vanaprastham, Vasthuhara etc. A movie from this combination would definitely be a big gift for all genuine movie lovers and that movie would surely have a good race in award circuits.

Prithviraj – Sathyan Anthikkad

Prithviraj has worked with many of the senior directors of the industry like Joshi, Kamal, Ranjith etc. But, it would come as a surprise to many when it is known that the actor hasn’t worked with Sathyan Anthikkad yet. Prithviraj-Sathyan Anthikkad would be a perfect combination, when the director decides to make a movie like Artham, Pingami etc.

Dulquer Salmaan – Vineeth Sreenivasan

They have known each other since their childhood days and have had mutual admiration for each other. This camaraderie would definitely prove to be for good if they unite for a movie. Think about a feel good movie of Vineeth Sreenivasan with Dulquer Salmaan in the lead role, it would be a deadly combination indeed and the fact is that most of the audiences are waiting for a movie from this combination.

Fahadh Faasil – Ranjith

Fahadh Faasil’s acting talents are beyond doubts. He has proved himself to be one of the most talented young actors of the industry. So, how it would be when director Ranjith comes together with the actor for a film? Fascinating, isn’t it? They had worked together in the film Indian Rupee, in which Fahadh Faasil had a small part to play. Let us wait for a full-fledged film from this combination.

Jayasurya – Sathyan Anthikkad

Think about a typical Sathyan Anthikkad movie with Jayasurya in the lead role. In fact, Jayasurya is one such actor from this generation, who would fit in perfectly in the type of films made by Sathyan Anthikkad. We wonder why this combination hasn’t worked in for a movie so far.

Nivin Pauly – Anwar Rasheed

Nivin Pauly has acted in two Anwar Rasheed movies so far. But, the fact is that, those two movies, Bangalore Days and Premam, had Anwar Rasheed in the role of a producer. And those two films have emerged to be big blockbusters. So, it has been an amazing run for the combination so far and we genuinely hope that, the next time when both of them join hands for a movie, the film would have Anwar Rasheed as the captain of the ship.

Apart from all the above, a film from Lal Jose-Mohanlal team has been among the most awaited ones. And the duo is all set to join hands soon for a movie.

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