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We have seen many Indian films drawing inspirations from Hollywood movies. In fact, there have been some faithful remakes of Hollywood movies as well. Earlier we had talked about some of the Bollywood movies that could be remade in Malayalam and today, we are about to list out some English movies, which could be remade to various Indian languages and the perfect actors who could do the lead roles in the remakes.


It is hard to remake Hollywood films in Malayalam but the movie Seven has a universal theme, something which could be made in any other language. Let us think about a remake of this film in Mollywood. In fact, it would be a wishful casting if something of this kind works out. Prithviraj is the perfect choice for the role of Detective David Mills played by Brad Pitt in the original. Mammootty would be the apt person to play the role done by Morgan Freeman in the original. And who could replace Kevin Spacey in the role John Doe, the negative character. Well, none other than Fahadh Faasil who would simply hit the right chords with his performance.

Catch Me If You Can

Think about the scope of making this film in Malayalam. The story of a perfect cat and mouse game between a police and a thief. In the original, Tom Hanks played the role off an FBI agent who is out there to catch Frank, played by Leonardo Dicaprio. When it comes to Malayalam the role of a cop would be safe in the hands of Mohanlal and Fahadh Faasil would easily be the choice to play the fraudster in the movie.

Phone Booth

Phone Booth has had a Hindi remake and here let us think about the idea of having a Tamil version of the film. Phone Booth was a taut thriller, the story of which happens in a span of a single day. The film featured Collin Farrel in the lead role and had Kiefer Sutherland making an appearance towards the end of the film. Dhanush, can be the best choice to portray the role of a young, arrogant guy, who gets stuck in a phone booth as a hostage. Coming to the caller, who lends his presence with his voice, there wouldn’t be a better option than Kamal Haasan, for that particular role.


Insomnia was one of the early movies of master film-maker Christopher Nolan. The film, which is in the lines of a thriller as immense scope for a Malayalam remake. Mohanlal could do the role of the detective, who has sleeping problems due to certain happenings that occur during the investigation process of a murder case. In the original, Al Pacino had done the role.

Forrest Gump

When a film of Forrest Gump’s stature is under consideration for a remake in a language like Hindi, we needn’t search for any actor other than Aamir Khan to do the lead role. Mr. Perfectionist would fit in perfectly to the character played by Tom Hanks played in the original. He is sure to bring in all the required intensity and subtlety at the same time, which is much required for the character.


While coming to Avengers, a film with such a subject would only fit in to an industry like Bollywood. Coming to the actors who could perform the superheroes, it isn’t a tough task either since the industry has a number of big stars with the required star value.

Shah Rukh Khan could ideally fit in to the role of Iron Man whereas Hrithik Roshan would fit in perfectly to the role of Thor. What about the idea of casting John Abraham as the Hulk? Interesting isn’t it? Salman Khan would be the ideal choice to play Captain America. Well, no one better than Deepika Padukone would fit in to the shoes of Black Widow and Irfan Khan will be apt for Black Hawkeye.

The Shining

The Shining is one of the best Hollywood thrillers of all time. The film, which has Jack Nicholson in the lead role has huge number of followers. What about making an Indian version of this film and that too in Kollywood? Well, the best person to do this role would be Prakash Raj, who could easily do the role portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the original.

Fight Club

Fight Club, is one such movie, which has immense scope to be made to our regional language, with minor tweaks here and there. Well, having said that it wouldn’t be that easy to find the people, who would suit in perfectly to the roles played by Brad Pitt and Edwart Norton in the original. From the current lot of actors, Prithviraj would be the obvious choice for the character of Tyler in the film. Well, about the other important character, who is also the narrator, Dulquer Salmaan is the best choice.

The Godfather

In fact, the Hindi movie Sarkar was a loose adaptation of the all-time classic movie The Godfather. Well, such a theme could be easily be worked out in Mollywood, adding some regional flavour to it. No prizes for guessing on who is our choice to play the title role. It is none other than Megastar Mammootty, who could play the don’s role with easy. When it comes to the role of don’s third son, the obvious choice is Dulquer Salmaan.

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