Arrival Review: "A different experience for an alien movie!"

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Arrival is a smart Sci-fi movie that calls for quite a bit of thinking to do unlike the alien movies that we have seen. A certain level of complexity is there in the plot but that extra level of complication adds a different dimension to the movie enriching it with thrills, entertainment and surprises. The tag line of the movie goes like "Why are they here?" and Arrival for the major part of its two hours running time explore and try to find out the purpose of the uninvited guests in our part of the earth. 

When huge spaceships touchdown at twelve different parts of the world, an elite team gets into action. Linguistics professor Louise Banks is hired by the US military to unravel the mystery behind the surprise visit of these aliens to earth. Louise and her team have a tough proposition as within a limited time frame and in the process risking their life, they have to try some methods to communicate with the extraterrestrial life to know why they are here. The whole world is waiting with anxiety as nothing is clear and the movie slowly gets its shape with some unexpected surprises in it. 

The movie is quite different from the usual alien movies and gives a new meaning to the genre. Arrival moves at its own pace and is not a fully packed thriller. Still, it has entertainment value in it and is a highly thought-provoking one bringing in unexpected surprises which goes all the way in giving a fitting finale to the movie. The thrilling feel is provided in a different manner and with the backing of emotional power in the whole story, this movie directed by Denis Villeneuive is a smartly executed work. 

What makes the Arrival a special film is that it could retain that mystery element behind the whole drama till the very end as nothing conclusive comes out through the communication between the two parties. Credit to the screenplay for retaining suspense and at the same time deliver the results through a balanced way of storytelling. Production values are at its best here. Background score and sound design have played a major part in boosting up the scenes to the level the makers wanted to showcase. Cinematography also is of high quality standards and is soothing for the eyes supported by brilliant visual effects especially in creating those misty backdrop when the aliens appear. 

Though both Forest Whitaker as Colonel and Jeremy Renner as the physicist didn't have much to perform they do decent jobs in their respective characters in front of the camera. But in the end it is Amy Adams as Louise Banks who steals the show from everyone. She is the real star here in a brilliant performance with a character of troubled and disturbing mind going through lot of confusions within herself. All these dilemmas were very much evident in her facial expressions and body language. 

As a Sci-fi movie, Arrival is special of a kind with a different approach to story telling and an unconventional treatment in presenting the alien stuff. Without any gimmicks and giving the story the ultimate control to drive the movie till the end, this movie is something you can watch without any inhibitions. 

Rating - 4 / 5

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