Kappiri Thuruthu

Kappiri Thuruthu is a new movie directed by Saheer Ali. Film features Pearle Maaney (D4 Dance) & Adil Ibrahim (D4 Dance) in the lead roles .Siddique also plays an important role in the film. Film tells the story of Old Kochi & Kochi's famous singer Mehboob. Film also covers the life of Urudhu Poet Mirzakhalibi and his gazal's .Old Kochi's harbour smuggling is also portrayed in the film. This historical romance-thriller is produced by Ahamed Palapparambil . Script is written by Director itself.

Language Malayalam
Censor U
Release Date 13-12-2016


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Kappiri Thuruthu | Song
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Kappiri Thuruthu | Trailer