Mohanlal saves Pulimurugan, the wild hunter.

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Pulimurugan released following years of hype as the biggest budget Malayalam movie. Directed by Vysakh and scripted by Udayakrishna both of whom, coming after a series of flops, it was not easy for a viewer to know what to expect. But this time they had Mohanlal with them, a factor which has the potential to change the fate of any movie.

Pulimurugan as a story and a script are well within the limitations of Udayakrishna. The mere presence of Mohanlal and Vysakh’s expertise in projection and gimmicks were the saving grace for an average script. Mohanlal as always impressed in every little opportunity he got. At 56, he proves he is as daring and flexible as any young actors around. But if the get up of Pulimurugan reminds you of a Naran or Sphadikam , it would be a sin to even think of comparing. Simply beacause these creations had more life in it. Murugan was as good a character as any of these, but the makers failed to explore and showcase the depths of the character of Murugan. The attempts to create emotional connection very often went faint and ineffective. Although Vysakh is very good in creating mass, he never really touched a level where Lalism, or Mohanlal’s grace at its peak could be felt. The weak BGM for Murugan also bears responsibility for it.

The movie began with a bang perfectly rising to the expectations of the hype it created. But as the story unfolded, it went in the Udayakrishna ways, accompanying with it a lot of cliché and forced comedy. There were instances which deviates so much from the exciting theme of animal hunt, that one may feel the animal hunt outlook was added just as an attraction. While Vysakh handled the movie scene by scene well, he could have made the flow and the turns of the story a lot better. It is said that ‘All that is well, ends well’. The gripping climax of the movie totally saves Pulimurugan from its weaknesses.

Mohanlal carried the movie on his shoulders all the way. His performance carried intensity and his subtlest of expressions talked loads about Murugan. The other cast of the movie did a decent job, but the heroine actress Kamalini Mukharjee disappointed with a constant expression throughout the movie.

A deciding factor which takes Pulimurugan over the line of an average movie is its amazing set of stunt sequences. The stunt choreographer Peter Hein has once remarked that he loves the realistic stunts used in Malayalam cinema but is influenced by directors to try other techniques. The stunts, where there is a lot of flying around and slow motion is typical of Vysakh. But Peter Hein definitely added another dimension to it, especially in the climax. The next big talk about the movie was about its Computer Generated Imagery. The movie certainly rose to the expectations and even proved to be wonderful with respect to Malayalam standards.

As a movie related to the wild, cinematography had an important role in Pulimurugan.  The cinematography by Shaji Kumar stood out and played an important role in making it an entertainer. The music directed by Gopi Sundar, was notable at times, but more importantly Murugan’s BGM was a big let down.

In all, Pulimurugan is definitely worth a watch for Mohanlal’s performance, the good use of CGI, never seen before action sequences and some comedy. Mohanlal single handedly carries an average script over the line. Udayakrishna and Vysakh does not come up with much pleasant surprises.


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Dp wp 20161001 12 53 07 pro
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