Ragam '14
Ragam, the annual cultural fest of NIT Calicut, is one of the biggest in India bringing together talents from all over the world to One Stage. Electrifying proshows, thrilling events and sheer energy of the crowd make Ragam an unforgettable experience.
Ragam, the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of National Institute of Technology Calicut, is scheduled to be held from 13th-16th March. A multitude of challenging events, illuminating workshops and exhibitions, entertai... Read more
The most multi-talented artiste of the Indian film industry today, Farhan Akhtar, who also has a music band, will soon be performing in Calicut, Kerala. Ragam, the annual cultural fest of NIT Calicut is bringing Farhan Akthar t... Read more
"Action..Cut...Pack-up"Do these words ring a bell?Does it get you excited?"Ragam'14, at NIT Calicut brings you the second edition of Take One - South India's largest. If you are one who can act, direct, write or just enjoy movi... Read more