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Abhijith, a movie aspirant by heart, writes for Filmelon
It is a well-known fact that successful Malayalam films sell like hot cakes in remake markets, especially in Bollywood and Kollywood. We have seen the same scenario umpteen number of times. Now, let’s try reversing the roles. W... Read more
While watching a movie, we are bound to applaud the performances of the actors, the craftiness of the director, and the creativity of the writer and most importantly, nowadays, the framing sense of the cinematographer. Less oft... Read more
We said a glittering goodbye to 2015 and the time has come to welcome 2016 and embrace the year with all positivity and energy. The same enthusiastic energy is seemingly visible in the minds of Malayalam film-goers as the year ... Read more
Malayalam cinema witnessed loads of freshness in the year of 2015. 150 odd films were released  and the industry did witness a good amount of success when compared to previous years. There was also a drastic improvement in the ... Read more
The year 2015 is coming to an end and it was a reasonably good one for Malayalam films considering the number of hits that the year had. With the flurry of releases, some did get noticed and some films went out without any trac... Read more
With the 20th edition of International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) opening in style, the lovers of serious and genuine cinemas have got yet another opportunity to taste the best of the flavours of different cinema. IFFK, as ... Read more
The journey from mini screen to the big screen is not an easy one, considering the unwritten rule which side lines mini screen actors to their domain alone. But we have many stars who have dared to defy the conventions and go a... Read more
What we see in films may not be real all the times. That is the reason why we consider cinema to be falling to a ‘Make Belief’ world. But, the whole crew puts in good amount of effort to make things as natural as possible. When... Read more
By now, all would be aware of the ‘No Shave November’ campaign that is a big hit in all circuits. Let us bring this to our own Mollywood to see the lead actors who opted for bearded looks sporting a new and different style. Beg... Read more
Singing is a real tough job and we all would admit this fact without any hesitation or two opinions. Actors singing for themselves was not common in the earlier days. But, right now, when actors sing a song for a film, it is co... Read more