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A movie aspirant by heart, writes for Filmelon
Prithviraj Sukumaran, an actor par excellence is going high with his power packed yet classy performances. An actor with immense talent, he has been playing a wide variety of roles in various languages. After Big M’s, it is non... Read more
Mammooty, most popularly the Megastar of Indian film, is known for his passion for working with new directors, regardless of their experience in film industry. It has been more than thirty five years since he started off his fi... Read more
Since its announcement, Kabali is in news headlines with its matchless hype offered by the charm of superstar Rajinikanth. The teaser of the film was released on May 1 and nobody thought it would break records as quickly as it ... Read more
Right from the beginning of Malayalam films, titles have been one of the key factors that decided the success of most of the films. If it was something aesthetic and something most related with the story of the film during olde... Read more
When it comes to patriotism, the Indian film industry has immensely shown their part by making some of the most significant war movies. They are not just war movies, but they show the true spirit and soul of patriotism that eac... Read more
Once again to make you proud about our nation and citizens, two more movies are releasing soon. While Airlift will be based on biggest evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the Iraq-Kuwait war, Neeraj has been made based... Read more
With the new year beginning after few success stories, Indian screens are now going to be filled with stars again, this time with some of mass yet class releases. When it comes to Malayalam movies, 2015 was a pretty good year a... Read more
Cinema is one of the most entertaining medium that most of us prefer to be get in touch with. It is quite an interesting thing to discuss about movies that once enthralled all of us with its aesthetic and artistic values. Apart... Read more
Cinema for the larger population is an escape into a fantasy world. There is no perfect formula to create a memorable and long lasting cinema. But Dance sequences and the stars performing them are an essential part of Indian ci... Read more
India is bestowed enough with talented people be it in literature, films, arts, sports and any other creative form. Their creative contribution to this country is matchless and some of them still continue such contribution maki... Read more