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Most hyped Indian movies that were dropped

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A film is said to be complete when an array of processes fall in place, that too in the right time. Well, we have many instances wherein some of the most hyped films of leading stars dropped halfway, alleging creative differences and various other reasons. Filmmakers tend to make their dream projects joining hands with Super stars, creating tremendous hype and news value. If the film is dropped, media will celebrate the news. There are many such films in all Indian languages. When it comes to south India, here are lot more films in that genre. In fact, there are more than a dozen stories behind the formation of a movie. Innumerable films were killed even before germination. 

Kamal Haasan, the Universal actor was in the news headlines for several times for ‘dropping’ films. It may sound little weird to some people, but it is his passion towards films that prompts him to think different. However, his thoughts are beyond imaginations that it can’t be ‘afforded’ in India.  For instance, ‘Marudhunaayagam’ was Kamal’s dream project which he still deeply in love with. The movie was dropped halfway. But the portion that he shot was terrific and was extremely appreciated by even critics. The film will come to reality only if someone comes forward to co-partner its production, which is truly a big deal.

Marudhanayagam is a complete historic subject, which started rolling in October 1997 with an exclusive launch by Queen Elizabeth II. The film initially pulled together more than a few prominent names across Indian cinema. However since the launch, the film is yet to resume its shoot. Master director Shankar first planned the movie ‘Robot’ with Kamal Haasan and he shot some portions of the film also. But the film got shelved with some unknown reason and later was made as ‘Enthiran’ with Rajinikanth in the lead.


Another Tamil film that got huge advertisement was Vikram starrer Karikalan. The film seems to on the verge of being shelved. Supposed to be directed by Kannan and produced by Silver Line Film Factory, Karikalan would have had Vikram, Sherin and Anjali in the lead if it was made true. At first, the film was to be directed by Gandhi Krishna. Later, the director was replaced. But nothing happened with the directorial change. Karikalan seems to be shelved with Vikram allotting dates for Shankar's I and Bijoy Nambiar's David. 

Gautham Menon announced a project with actor Vijay, which was later dropped. Tentatively titled Yohan, adhyaayam, ondru, it was one of his ambitious projects. There were various rumours regarding the dropping of the project, but Gautham Menon said that the project is not completely shelved and he will be back with a revamped one soon. Well. let us see. 


When it comes to dropped Malayalam films, the very first to be mentioned is Mohanlal’s Australia, one of his most hyped movies. A 1992 Malayalam movie, Australia was to be directed by Rajiv Anchal, with Mohanlal, Shankar, Ramya Krishnan and Jagadish in the lead roles. Australia is a sports film in which Mohanlal was scheduled to play a Formula Two race driver, whose ambition is to win a Formula One championship.

‘Australia’ tells the story of two friends - Rahul (Mohanlal) and Alex (Shankar). Rahul’s passion is to win a Formula One championship and Alex is a millionaire and an avid motor sports fan. Both become friends after an accident. Alex helps Rahul to achieve his ambition. However, Rahul gets severely injured in an accident and his partial face gets burned that he loses his confidence. How will Rahul face this scenario, makes the core of the film. The plot of the film was interesting and if it was made that too in 1992, it would have been one of the costliest Malayalam films during that time. Unfortunately, due to creative reasons, the film got shelved, prompting the makers of the film to develop another plot with Mohanlal, under the same banner. Well, they made it too and it was ‘Butterflies,’ a fun filled entertainer. 


Another major film that was dropped after finalizing the script is Dhanushkodi, directed by priyadarshan, starring Mohanlal, Sreenivasan and Girija Shettar in lead roles. The film was made in the year 1989. The film had huge cast including Raghuvaran and Kakka Ravi. Priyadarshan, after a series of hits thought of an action thriller and finalized the script of Dhanushkodi, which dealt with the drug cartels of South India based at Chennai. Sreenivasan plays an undercover cop who is having an identity of a journalist. During his interrogation on the drug Mafia, he meets his old pal Mohanlal, who is working in a Government Office. Sreenivasan informs him about his mission. Raghuvaran plays the kingpin of drug business. As the investigation reaches to its maximum, Sreenivasan gets shocking information that the real man behind the crime is not Raghuvaran, but Mohanlal.


If the film was made a reality, then it would have been another super hit film in the careers of Priyadarshan and Mohanlal. The duo, who entertained the audience with lot more fun films, started changing their usual genre with this film, though there are other films like Aryan and Abhimanyu in their credit. Dhanushkodi was an action thriller, similar to Aryan, but the crew realized the film was not going to be very financially feasible and hence they dropped the project.

All of the above mentioned films had huge cast and crew, but were dropped just because of financial feasibility. In fact, it is the major reason that most of the talented filmmakers reluctant towards huge and unimaginable subjects. As movie enthusiasts, we can hope for the best and can expect little bit more from our directors in the future.

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