Mignon Writes
A budding writer, Mignon, writes for Filmelon
Our film industry is a pool of untapped talent. It takes a lot for an actor to be deemed as successful in Bollywood. Some actors are shot to fame and popularity with a single blockbuster, while there are others who are called “... Read more
If you’ve been watching Indian movies for a long time, the most popular ones, the box office hits, usually have something in common. They are made by well-known directors and have A-list movie stars, both of which pique our int... Read more
In a country where religious wars are fought every day, atheism is quite a controversial topic. We are known to be a nation with several religions – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism amongst others. In fact, a lot of ou... Read more
There is a feeling of endearment and affection whenever an animated character prances onto our screens, whether you’re a child or an adult. Whether these characters induce an overwhelming childhood nostalgia, or they make you l... Read more
There’s a quality about traditional Indian cinema that we all recognize. The lavish sets, song-dance sequences that change with the mood of the film, massive marketing campaigns, themes of good vs evil or love against all odds ... Read more
There’s something about watching a movie belonging to the sports genre. Watch protagonists of these movies pit themselves against each other, while cheering for them or their team is an exhilarating feeling like no other. While... Read more