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A techie by profession, a movie aspirant by heart, writes for Filmelon.
Campus movies become huge successes because the youth sees their own selves in the characters on screen, and for the older generation it is often a trip down the memory lane. Malayalam movies have always had some milestone camp... Read more
Biopics take us into the lives of our icons, heroes and personalities we know. We must have grown up hearing their names, known their high times of success, seen them fall- to get up and come back strong. Some of them might be ... Read more
There is nothing more satisfying than our favorite heroes rocking the silver screen. Their punch dialogues gets etched into our minds, and have a harder impact than there dishyum dishyum on screen.Malayalam movies have a unique... Read more
Happy and Vibrant. Just like the title of the movie proclaims. Giving Aanandam and just sheer Aanandam to all. This is the first thought that comes to your mind when you listen to the tracks of Aanandam released yesterday. This... Read more
Some of the finest actors in the industry can be seen in comic roles. We often state this, but forget it soon. Yet, when an actor who always made us laugh shift to serious character roles, we are left baffled. Did they have in ... Read more
Few filmmakers get the privilege of such brand-making in this industry, and unarguably Priyadarshan movies are looked at with abnormally high expectations, and come success or failure, the brand name remains untarnished. A film... Read more
Clichés. Trends. 4 songs, 2 stunts. A romantic couple running around the rose bushes. Add a sparring family member, better be a fraught dad with a mighty mustache. Any ardent movie lover can get worked up thinking about the pur... Read more
There are some days when we spend our bucks and time in front of the screen and wondering what was all the hype about. Many-a-times raging reviews and advertisements have built up your hopes, only to be shattered. Any average m... Read more
A good friend knows all your best stories.. A best friend has made them into movies with you.  Not kidding. In an industry like the filmdom where ’friendship’ is a highly overrated word, there still exists some unbreakable bond... Read more
You may hate them. You may fear them all you want. And maybe you hope, believing hard enough that only good prevails, will ultimately put them down. But here’s this. Villains win too. They might be the last one standing, maybe ... Read more